About EMC XtremIO KM for PATROL

EMC XtremIO KM for PATROL is a Knowledge Module (KM) for PATROL that monitors the availability, performance and capacity of EMC XtremIO storage systems in BMC TrueSight Operations Management. As a KM for PATROL, it runs natively on the BMC PATROL Agent. The monitored objects and metrics and its configuration is automatically integrated into the various BMC consoles:

  • TrueSight Operations Management (in TrueSight Presentation Server)
  • TrueSight Central Monitoring Administration (CMA)
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management
  • PATROL Console (Classic)
  • PATROL Central - Windows Edition
  • PATROL Central - Web Edition

EMC XtremIO KM for PATROL leverages EMC XtremIO Management Server to collect all the information available about clusters, volumes, storage controllers, ports, disks, X-Bricks, Battery Backup Unit and power supplies, and displays it into the BMC framework:

EMC XtremIO KM for PATROL - Architecture Diagram

By monitoring all your storage devices within a centralized management console, you can respond quickly to performance problems, easily determine capacity requirements, and effectively plan for network expansions.

EMC XtremIO KM for PATROL supports any EMC XtremIO storage system that comes with EMC XtremIO Management Server firmware version 4.2.1.

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