New Relic Integration

Hardware Sentry seamlessly integrates with New Relic, allowing the exposure of hardware health, performance metrics, and sustainability indicators directly within New Relic Dashboards.

Hardware Sentry integration with New Relic


Before you can start viewing the metrics collected by Hardware Sentry in New Relic, you must:

  1. Download and install Hardware Sentry on one or more systems that has network access to the physical servers, switches and storage systems to be monitored.
  2. Configure the monitoring of host(s).
  3. Install the Hardware Sentry dashboards from the New Relic Quickstarts page.
  4. Create an API key in New Relic as explained in the New Relic User Documentation.

Configuring the integration

Pushing Hardware Sentry metrics to New Relic

To send metrics to New Relic, Hardware Sentry will leverage New Relic's otlp receiver. Therefore, you only need to configure a new otlp exporter in the otel-config.yaml file as follows:

  1. Browse to open the Hardware Sentry configuration directory for the OpenTelemetry Collector (hws/otel by default) and open the otel-config.yaml configuration file.

  2. Find the exporters section and edit it as follows:

        endpoint: <new-relic-endpoint-url>
          api-key: <license_key>


    • <new-relic-endpoint-url> corresponds to the URL pointing to the New Relic OTLP receiver. Its value is:

      • for EU OTLP

      • for US OTLP

        Refer to the New Relic User Documentation for more details.

    • <license_key> corresponds to your Account License Key available on the API Keys page.

  3. Declare this otlp/newrelic exporter in the pipelines section, under metrics:, as follows:

            receivers: [otlp, prometheus/internal]
            processors: [memory_limiter, batch, metricstransform]
            exporters: [otlp/newrelic] # <-- Add otlp/newrelic

    Additionally, if you want to receive hardware alerts as logs in New Relic, declare this otlp/newrelic exporter in the pipelines section, under logs:, as follows:

          # [...]
            receivers: [otlp]
            processors: [memory_limiter, batch]
            exporters: [otlp/newrelic] # <-- Add otlp/newrelic
  4. Restart Hardware Sentry to apply your changes.

    Refer to Configuring the OpenTelemetry Collector for more details.

Checking that hardware metrics are sent to New Relic

To check that metrics are correctly sent to New Relic:

  1. Select Browse Data, then Metrics

    New Relic - Checking that hardware metrics are properly sent

  2. In the Browser Explorer, search for metrics starting with hw. or hardware_sentry.

    Screenshot of New Relic - Listing hw. metrics

    If you configure the OpenTelemetry Collector to also send logs, hardware problems will be reported as logs in New Relic:

    Screenshot of New Relic visualizing hardware problems as logs

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