About IBM SVC-Storwize KM for PATROL

IBM SVC-Storwize KM for PATROL is a Knowledge Module (KM) for PATROL that monitors the availability, performance and capacity of IBM SVC-Storwize systems in BMC TrueSight Operations Management. As a KM for PATROL, it runs natively on the BMC PATROL Agent. The monitored objects and metrics and its configuration is automatically integrated into the various BMC consoles:

  • TrueSight Operations Management (in TrueSight Presentation Server)
  • TrueSight Central Monitoring Administration (CMA)
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management
  • PATROL Console (Classic)
  • PATROL Central - Windows Edition
  • PATROL Central - Web Edition

IBM SVC-Storwize KM for PATROL leverages the embedded SMI-S provider to collect all the information available about array disks, storage pools, controllers, storage volumes, ports, and hardware components and displays it into the BMC framework:

IBM SVC-Storwize - Architecture Diagram

By monitoring all your storage devices within a centralized management console, you can respond quickly to performance problems, easily determine capacity requirements, and effectively plan for network expansions.

IBM SVC-Storwize KM for PATROL supports the following versions of the IBM SVC-Storwize operating system (EOS):

  • v4.3.x
  • v5.1.x
  • v6.1.x

as well as:

  • IBM Storwize V7000 systems
  • IBM Storwize V7000 Unified
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