BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring Studio

Release Notes for v2.9.10

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Changes and Improvements

The SSL v3 protocol is now supported in HTTP Web requests analysis.
Command Execution and Analysis tool: A new property, Disable Shell History Logging, was added to allow administrators to choose whether the commands executed on UNIX/Linux systems will be registered or not in the shell history log file.

Fixed Issues

Web Request Analysis:
The error "Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac" occurred when the Web server only allowed SSL v3 as the protocol for HTTPS connection.
HTTPS requests failed when using a proxy because the proxy settings were not properly applied for HTTPS-based URLs.
Remote Command Execution and Analysis (Windows): No information was displayed in the Return Output parameter when the command execution had failed.
After upgrading to version 2.9.03, the LOG File Monitoring and Analysis tool failed to collect information about the monitored LOG files.