NetApp Data ONTAP ETL for BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Release Notes for v6.0.00

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What's New

New Metrics

Quota and Cluster quota metrics are now available through the STOFS dataset.
These metrics were added to the STOSSW dataset to provide bandwidth information for Ethernet ports (in 7-mode and Cluster-mode):
BYPORT_BANDWIDTH: it exposes the port bandwidth
BYPORT_IN_UTIL: it exposes the port inbound utilization in percentage
BYPORT_OUT_UTIL: it exposes the port outbound utilization in percentage
The new metric ST_AGGREGATE_OVERCOMMITMENT_PCT was added to expose the percentage of capacity configured in  aggregate exceeding the aggregate capacity.


Log files can be downloaded from the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization console.

Changes and Improvements

The computation method used to calculate the volumes capacity metrics has been standardized for both 7-mode and cluster-mode. It now includes the total data space and the snapshot reserve. Impacted metrics are:
ST_CONFIG_SIZE and ST_CAPACITY: they expose the total data space and the snapshot reserve
ST_AVAILABLE_CAPACITY: it exposes the available data space
ST_AVAILABLE_CAPACITY_PCT: it exposes the ratio of the available data space to the capacity
ST_CONSUMED_CAPACITY : it exposes the sum of used space plus snapshot reserve
ST_CONSUMED_CAPACITY_PCT: it exposes the ratio of the consumed capacity (sum of used space plus snapshot reserve) compared to the capacity
ST_VOLUME_SNAPSHOT_RESERVE_SIZE: it exposes the snapshot reserve space
ST_VOLUME_SNAPSHOT_RESERVE_USED: it exposes the actual space used by snapshots
The ST_FILER metric now exposes the controller name.
Display names have been improved in 7-mode for vFilers IDs, vFilers instance names, and Volumes (Shares) IDs. Please note that history will be lost for these entities when upgrading to version 6.0.00.
The Log message "Class xxx ignored in file" was improved to indicate why entities have been ignored.
The discovery log is now available as a separate file.
The descriptions for the ST_POOL_SUBSCRIBED_CAPACITY, ST_SIZE, and ST_SYSTEM_SUBSCRIBED_CAPACITY metrics have been reviewed.

Fixed Issues

An exception occurred while collecting volume information.
When some required metrics could not be obtained from the NetApp DATA ONTAP API, a NullPointerException error was triggered which prevented the ETL to properly discover NetApp filers.
Exceptions occurred in cluster mode:
when discovering disk instances and when no shelf information was available.
when discovering volumes.
Ethernet ports were missing when using Data ONTAP 8.2.1 in cluster mode.
The value of the ST_FC_RATE metric was not correct.
Negative values were sometimes reported in cluster mode for the BYPORT_OUT_BYTE_RATE, BYPORT_BYTE_RATE, and BYPORT_IN_BYTE_RATE metrics.
Storage - Volume entities are not displayed under the Storage Area Network entity anymore in the Worskpace navigation tree.
The vFiler ID and name have been changed to prevent conflicts when the UUID was not unique. The vFiler name now displays the controller host name.
Log files were not properly deleted on log rotation.