Preparing for installation

Before installing the Hardware Connector Library, it is recommended to identify which version is currently installed on the managed system to verify whether a separate installation is required. Depending on the Hardware Monitoring solution used, the method will differ.

When Using Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL

The version of the Hardware Connector Library can be found:

Option 1: Checking the InfoBox in PATROL Classic

  1. From the PATROL Console, right-click a connector instance > InfoBox

    Connector Version in the InfoBox

  2. Check the Connector Version field.

Option 2: Checking the Files Installed on the PATROL Agent

This method consists in checking the content of the hcpnakm.ppf file that is copied on the managed system when the Hardware Connector Library is installed separately. The absence of the hcpnakm.ppf file indicates that the Hardware Connector Library installed is the one shipped with Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL.

  1. Go to %PATROL_HOME%\Install\insthist\hcpnakm\
  2. Open the hcpnakm.ppf file
  3. Search for the following lines:

Option 3: Checking the Hardware Sentry Product Log File

  1. Enable the debug mode as specified in the Hardware Sentry user guide
  2. Go to %PATROL_HOME%\log\
  3. Open the MS_HW_product_information_<port>.log file
  4. Scroll down to the Hardware Sentry Connectors section to verify the installed version of the Hardware Connector Library.

Option 4: Performing an Agent Query in TrueSight

  1. In the navigation pane of the TrueSight console, click Configuration and select Managed Devices.
  2. Click a PATROL Agent inline menu and select Query PATROL Agent.

    Performing an Agent Query

  3. The Agent Query Tool opens in a new browser window. In the Command box, enter the query requires MS_HW_q; productReport()

    Running the requires MS_HW_q; productReport() command

  4. click Execute.

  5. Scroll down to the Hardware Sentry Connectors section to verify the installed version of the Hardware Connector Library.

When Using BPM Express for Hardware

To obtain the build date of the hardware connectors, you will have to enable to debug mode as follows:

  1. In the Configure tab, click the Element for which debug information is required.
  2. Scroll down to Application Classes and click Edit.
  3. Select Yes from the drop-down Debug Mode list and click Save.
  4. Once the debug mode is enabled, delete the files sen_hw_database_hostname_*.dat stored in %RSM_HOME%\RSMxx\server\rsm\tmp\deploy\ or restart the RSM service.
  5. Open the sen_hw_debug_hostname.log file generally stored in %RSM_HOME%\RSMxx\SEN_HW\ and search for the “Compiled On” information:

    DEBUG: 2017/06/06 04:12:19 [INFO]: Compiled on: 6/6/2017 4:11:35 PM

  6. Resume the procedure to step 3 and select No to disable the debug mode.

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