What is Storage Analyzer KM?

Storage Analyzer is a Knowledge Module (KM) for TrueSight that natively runs on a BMC PATROL Agent to monitor multi-vendor storage systems simultaneously. The solution collects critical performance and capacity metrics and exposes the retrieved data into the following supported consoles:

  • TrueSight Presentation Server
  • Helix Operations Management
  • Monitoring Studio X

Technically, Storage Analyzer is composed of:

  • a KM for PATROL:

    • Compatible with Linux/UNIX and Windows
    • Deployable and configurable through TrueSight CMA
    • Configurable through Monitoring Studio X Web UI
    • Exposing a REST API for the PATROL Agent with Monitoring Studio X
  • a Storage Intelligence Adapters Library of platform-specific Intelligence Adapters (.si files) that individually contain all instructions, commands, queries, and scripts required to collect information and metrics. The Storage Intelligence Adapters Library can also be installed and upgraded independently from the KM. Refer to the Storage Intelligence Library documentation for more information about the supported storage platforms.

  • a Component for TrueSight Presentation Server that:

    • gathers and reports on all monitored platforms within TSPS
    • enables the configuration of Storage Analyzer and facilitate the interaction with the PATROL Agent through the interactive Monitoring Studio X Web console.

Monitor types (application classes) and attributes (parameters) are listed and fully described in the Monitor Types and Attributes documentation.

How does Storage Analyzer work?

The Storage Analyzer KM leverages one or several sources (manufacturer-specific hardware agents, standard management technologies, REST API, SSH, SNMP, WBEM, WMI, etc.) to gather storage information within the TrueSight Console and the Monitoring Studio X Web console.

The KM collects storage performance and capacity data from Infrastructure Management Servers and Integration Services and exposes all monitored storage devices within TSPS for a global and detailed view of your storage environment. Additionally, the TSPS Component extends the TrueSight’s interface with deep links to the Monitoring Studio X Web interface to facilitate the configuration and troubleshoot of the PATROL Agent.

Technically, once the Storage Analyzer packages are installed and deployed on the PATROL Agent that manages the Integration Service and TSIM connections, the KM is ready to be configured from TrueSight, via a policy or directly with the Monitoring Studio X Web Console. When a monitored system (endpoint) is added to the monitoring environment (IP address, credentials, storage intelligence adapter, etc.), the Storage Analyzer launches a first discovery. The Storage Intelligence Adapter queries the endpoint, creates an instance for each discovered component, collects and returns data (some values may be processed to provide more meaningful information). Finally, based on default thresholds set for each attribute, Storage Analyzer triggers events when a problem occurs and provides detailed information to help you conduct your own root cause analysis and prevent further issues.

Storage Analyzer Architecture Diagram

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