Storage Intelligence Library Reference Guide

This page lists the Storage Intelligences of Storage Intelligence Library 24. Each page provides you with the details on each Storage Intelligence, the targeted platform, the protocol used, the discovered components, infobox and the monitored parameters.

Storage Intelligence Name File Name Platform Instrumentation Prerequisites
Ceph (REST) Ceph Ceph REST API
Dell EMC Isilon (REST) Isilon Isilon OneFS API
Dell EMC PowerMax v4 (REST) PowerMax 2500, PowerMax 8500 Dell EMC Unisphere REST API v10
Dell EMC PowerStore (REST) PowerStore PowerStore Management REST API
Dell EMC PowerVault (REST) PowerVault PowerVault API
Dell EMC SC Series (REST) Dell EMC SC Series All-Flash and Hybrid Storage Dell EMC SC Series REST API
Dell EMC ScaleIO (REST) ScaleIO, PowerFlex ScaleIO API
Dell EMC Unity (REST) Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Unisphere Management REST API
Dell EMC VMAX (REST) VMAX, PowerMax Dell EMC Unisphere REST API v9.1 or higher
Dell EMC XtremIO (REST) XtremIO XtremIO REST API
Fujitsu Eternus AF/DX (REST) Fujitsu, Eternus, AF S3, DX S5, DX8100 S4, DX8900 S4 ETERNUS AF/DX RESTful API
HPE Primera (WBEM) Primera, 3PAR HPE Primera Web Services API (WSAPI)
Hitachi E Series, G Series (REST) VSP E Series, G Series models Configuration Manager REST API
Hitachi GUM (REST) Hitachi models using GUM GUM REST API
Huawei OceanStor (REST) OceanStor 5XXX V3 / 6XXX V3 models OceanStor DeviceManager RESTful API
IBM DS888x (WBEM) DS888x DS Open API
IBM Spectrum Scale (REST) IBM Spectrum Scale IBM Spectrum Scale Management API
NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager (REST) NetApp, Active IQ Unified Manager, AIQUM, Filer Active IQ Unified Manager REST API (AIQUM)
NetApp E-Series (REST) Netapp E-Series NetApp SANtricity REST API
NetApp SolidFire (REST) SolidFire SolidFire API
Oracle ZFS (REST) Oracle, ZFS Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance RESTful API
Pure Storage FlashArray (REST v1.x) FlashArray Pure Storage REST API v1.x
Pure Storage FlashArray (REST v2.4+) FlashArray Pure Storage REST API v2.4 and higher
Pure Storage FlashBlade (REST) Pure Storage, FlashBlade, FlashBlade//S, FlashBlade//E Pure Storage REST API v2.0 and higher
Scality RING (REST) Scality RING Scality Supervisor API (SupAPI)
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