IT infrastructure observability

extensive hardware observability

Get full insight into your IT infrastructure
  • Discover all the internal components of servers, disk arrays, fiber switches and tape libraries.
  • Monitor the hardware of your heterogeneous infrastructure into one single console.
  • Get detailed information about each monitored component (vendor, model, serial number, part number, FRU number, location in the chassis, etc.).
  • Generate reports to know the capacity of the monitored system or the actual power consumption, electricity costs and CO₂ emissions for all servers and storage devices.
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Sustainable IT

Minimize your impact on the environment
  • Visualize, in real-time, your power consumption, thermal indicators, electricity costs and carbon footprint levels.
  • Optimize your datacenter overall temperature safely and lower cooling costs.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by maintaining your CO₂ emissions to the lowest.
  • Eliminate extra expenses associated with the implementation of costly external thermal sensors and software.
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