Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector

Sustainable IT

  • Measure the power consumption of any server, any network switch, or any storage system in your data center
  • View the carbon footprint of virtual machines, applications and services
  • Rely on actual data to optimize your facility's ambient temperature and reduce cooling costs
  • Get current and projected electricity usage and costs of your applications and services in real-time dashboards
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Hardware observability for Servers and Storage Devices

  • Access and visualize data from any supported device
  • Get full visibility into health and performance of your heterogeneous environment
  • Rely on consolidated graphs and dashboards for a better end-to-end visibility
  • Troubleshoot faster and prevent potential issues
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Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector

  • Access a broad and deep set of instrumentation
  • Get end-to-end visibility for your entire hardware environment (logs, metrics, traces)
  • Allows flexibility to change your back-end observability tools
  • Monitor emerging technologies easily
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