Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ provides answers to common questions about Sentry Software’s products. For advanced technical questions, please search our Knowledge Base.


Can I try Sentry Software's products for free?

You can try all our products for free for 30 days. During your trial period, you have full access to our Support team to ask any question regarding the installation or use of our products. If after your 30-day trial you wish to purchase our products, please contact BMC Sales .

How can I request a demo or proof of concept?

Purchasing and Licensing

What is Sentry Software's pricing model?

The pricing model depends on the products you wish to purchase and the size of your environment. For example, the license cost is calculated:

  • Per managed asset-server endpoint for:
    • Hardware Sentry KM
    • High-Availability Monitoring KMs
    • Backup Monitoring KMs
    • Monitoring Studio X. Please note that the Web Interface and REST API of Monitoring Studio X are free to use if you only interact with the PATROL Agent. A license is only required to configure local and remote hosts and create templates.
  • Per active front-end ports for:
    • The Storage Monitoring KMs
    • The Storage Capacity Optimization ETLs
    • Hardware Sentry KM when used to monitor storage systems
    • Monitoring Studio X when used to monitor storage systems.

Different levels of maintenance are also available. To get a quote for your specific needs and environment, please contact BMC Sales .

Storage Monitoring:  How do I count the number of active front-end ports?

The number of active front-end ports can be obtained either from the debug logs or through the Port Count parameter. All active ports are subject to license, not only the connected ports. SAN switches ports are not licensed if the active front-end ports on the storage devices are licensed. Please refer to Collecting Port Count Details for Storage Devices to get the detailed procedure or contact our Sales team for assistance.

How do I purchase Sentry Software’s products?

Sentry Software products are made exclusively for BMC Software and are marketed, sold and supported by BMC Software as “BMC” products. If you wish to purchase our integrated solutions for TrueSight Operations Management, TrueSight Capacity Optimization, or Helix, please contact BMC Sales .

Should I purchase BMC Software’s Products too?

Sentry Software develops solutions that complement BMC TrueSight Operations Management and TrueSight Capacity Optimization . A license for these BMC products is therefore required to use Sentry Software’s KMs and ETLs. If you are not a BMC customer, please contact BMC Sales first.

Do licenses include training or professional services?

Training and Professional Services are not included in the license price; they are available as services. A pre-paid number of days of Professional Services and training is however offered if you subscribe to a separate Premier Support contract. Please note that training is strongly recommended for all new users. For more information, please contact our Sales team.

Operation Principles

What is a KM?

A KM, a.k.a.  Knowledge Module, is a monitoring solution that integrates into BMC TrueSight Operations Management and BMC Helix Operations Management. It consists in a set of files from which a PATROL Agent receives information about resources running on a monitored computer.

Are Sentry Software's monitoring solutions standalone?

Our monitoring solutions are usually set up in large TrueSight Operations Management environments. However, Hardware Sentry KM, Storage Analyzer KM, and Monitoring Studio X can work as standalone monitoring solutions for small environments, requiring only a PATROL Agent and Monitoring Studio X. For more information, please contact our Sales team.

Are my servers and storage systems supported by Sentry Software's solutions?

To verify that your servers and storage systems are supported by:

If your model is not listed in the pages above, you can run the relevant Troubleshooting tool against your system. If the connection test is successful and all the required data is correctly returned, your model is likely to be supported. Otherwise, ask for this platform to be supported.  


How many storage devices can I monitor?

The maximum number of storage devices monitored depends on the number of volumes and parameters monitored. Based on our customers' experience, we estimate that 30,000 volumes can be monitored per PATROL Agent instance.


Is Sentry Software related to

No, Sentry Software and are not related. provides solutions for developers who wish to diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. Sentry Software provides solutions for IT managers and SAN administrators who wish to monitor their IT and SAN infrastructure and any application for which there is no out-of-the-box monitoring solution on the market. Sentry Software was founded in 2004 while was founded in 2012.