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An Expert R&D Team

The Sentry team is made up of talented and passionate IT professionals entirely dedicated to offering you high-quality monitoring solutions to expand BMC’s offerings. Our developers are familiar with all major storage and hardware vendors, they know perfectly well all existing BMC platforms, and master programming languages as well as network protocols. They are dedicated to respond to your current and future IT challenges.

A Trusted Market Leader

With its 10-year expertise and knowledge, Sentry Software has established itself as a market leader in Monitoring, Automation, and Capacity Optimization solutions. A large number of businesses worldwide rely on BMC and Sentry products to manage the hardware and software aspects of their servers and SANs, automate their common requests and daily tasks, or ensure their storage infrastructures are properly sized for current and future needs.

A Wide Range of Services

Sentry's skilled instructors and consultants are available throughout the globe to provide assistance for any project involving our products, assist customers and integrators during the different stages of their monitoring projects (audit, planning, implementation, rapid custom monitoring, or troubleshooting), and deliver helpful training courses.

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Sentry & BMC

An Exclusive Technology Alliance Partnership

Available under BMC licenses and support terms, the Sentry Software's solutions complement and augment BMC solutions. The MarketZone Direct alliance with BMC Software authorizes Sentry products to be marketed and sold by BMC as "BMC products".

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Some Customers

Companies from more than 100 countries in all industry sectors ranging from consumer to utilities, telecom, defense, and finance, trust Sentry Software.

Our Playground

An unmatched datacenter dedicated to develop and test our software solutions.

Sentry Software operates and maintains its own IT infrastructure. From million dollar V-Max storage devices down to entry level legacy servers, 100% of our equipment is dedicated to developing and testing our software solutions.

Our server room consists of at least one server of every manufacturer, architecture and generation supported by our monitoring and automation solutions. This heterogonous IT infrastructure enables us to base our development and quality assurance requirements on real life situation, guaranteeing our customers with the highest standards of quality.



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