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At Sentry we believe that IT and SAN administrators should not spend excess time monitoring their infrastructure. Building on our 20 years of experience in hardware observability, our R&D team is passionate and dedicated to deliver powerful and innovative monitoring solutions for OpenTelemetry-compatible platforms. We are working hard to have your infrastructure fully covered in the most effective way!

Our Story

July 2022

Sentry Software partnerships with Datadog (Datadog Partner Network) and makes Hardware Sentry App available on Datadog Marketplace.

October 2021

Hardware Sentry, Sentry's pure-software solution, monitors sustainable IT-related data and provide a clear view of the power consumption of hardware in the data center.

September 2021

Hardware Sentry adopts modern and open standards to expose hardware health and performance metrics in any OpenTelemetry-compatible platform (Prometheus, Grafana, BMC Helix, etc.) with Hardware Sentry.

June 2021

Monitoring Studio X becomes the must-have solution to integrate Prometheus in TrueSight as it provides a 2-way integration between PATROL and Prometheus.

October 2020

Hardware Sentry KM takes the green path! The Green IT extension is integrated to provide comprehensive power consumption and carbon footprint monitoring capabilities.

October 2020

The new Hardware Devices view is added to TrueSight to display monitored hardware devices along with their status and associated Monitors.

April 2020

Sentry Software launches the Storage Analyzer KM that consolidates multi-vendor storage platforms monitoring in a single monitoring solution.

January 2020

Sentry Software makes TrueSight even better by adding deep links to Monitoring Studio X to facilitate the configuration and troubleshoot of the PATROL Agent.


Monitoring Studio X becomes entirely web-based to facilitate the access and management of any IT asset and data monitored by Monitoring Studio through BMC TrueSight.


Hardware Sentry X, the new version of the company's hardware monitoring solution, brings Hardware monitoring in BMC TrueSight to the next level.


Sentry Software opens-up Monitoring Studio to the integration of Nagios plug-ins to extend the IT infrastructure monitoring coverage in TrueSight Operations Management.


Sentry Software partners with the BMC Discovery division to develop modules that provide discovery and application dependency mapping.


Drawing on its experience in storage monitoring, Sentry Software develops connectors for BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization to help align IT resources with service demands.


Sentry Software takes over OTL products to cover the backup and high-availability monitoring and expand its already large monitoring solutions offer.


Sentry Software extends its popular monitoring solution to cover external storage devices and offer a unique and comprehensive monitoring for multi-vendor SANs.


The company joins the BMC MarketZone Direct partnership agreement that enables Sentry products to be marketed and sold by BMC as BMC products.


Monitoring Studio is added to the product portfolio to enable the monitoring of applications, components, and non-standard technologies for which there are no out-of-the-box solutions.


Hardware Sentry, the multi-vendor hardware monitoring solution is launched and rapidly becomes the flagship of the company monitoring solutions.


Sentry Software is founded by visionary experts who believe in their capacity to bring an innovative and ground-breaking approach to the hardware monitoring business.

Our Values


Our work is all about passion for infrastructure monitoring. We love what we are doing, and honestly would not trade this passion by doing anything else.


Because even the best monitoring solutions can always be improved, we encourage innovation in all aspects of our work. Innovation is the essence of our company.


We pursue excellence in everything we do. Excellence is our way of life. We expect our products to exceed performance standards and create exceptional value for our customers.

Our Team

Bertrand Martin


Bertrand founded Sentry Software in 2004 with a view to develop monitoring modules that would expand and enhance the capabilities of BMC PATROL. Initially focused on hardware and custom applications monitoring, Bertrand soon expanded the range of products to also cover the storage monitoring, and capacity optimization segments.

Nathalie Leboul

Production Manager

Nathalie leads the Sentry Software production activities. She supervises production teams, activities and schedules to deliver final products that meet quality standards and customer specifications. As a key member of the management, Nathalie is responsible for guiding the success of the solutions and for empowering her collaborators to build the best user experience possible.

Sam Truong

Support Manager

Prior to joining Sentry Software, Sam was a Support Engineer at BMC Software. This previous experience led him to master the BMC product line and the infrastructure monitoring field. Sam and his team are fully dedicated to providing maximum customer satisfaction.

Isabelle Guitton

Communication Manager

Isabelle is responsible for the strategy, planning and execution of communications initiatives. She leads a team of professional writers committed to providing high-quality user documentation and marketing material for Sentry's monitoring solutions.

Olivier Lechesne

IT Manager

As an IT manager, Olivier sets and executes the vision and strategy for the IT department. He mentors a team of IT specialists who are responsible for implementing and maintaining Sentry's IT infrastructure.

And many more key players...

Sys admins, developers, test engineers, writers, consultants, etc.

Our Playground

An unmatched datacenter dedicated to develop and test our software solutions.

Sentry Software operates and maintains its own IT infrastructure. From million dollar V-Max storage devices down to entry level legacy servers, 100% of our equipment is dedicated to developing and testing our software solutions.

Our server room consists of at least one server of every manufacturer, architecture and generation supported by our monitoring solutions. This heterogonous IT infrastructure enables us to base our development and quality assurance requirements on real life situation, guaranteeing our customers with the highest standards of quality.

Our Customers

Companies from more than 100 countries in all industry sectors ranging from consumer to utilities, telecom, defense, and finance, trust Sentry Software.

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