Storage All-in-One ETL

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The Storage-All-in-One ETL is a generic ETL developed to collect capacity information about all the storage systems it supports. It consists of a common engine (Storage Engine) and several .si files that are platform specific (Storage Intelligence). The .si files contain all commands, queries, and scripts required to collect capacity information. Several .si files can be leveraged to cover the entire SAN infrastructure.

Supported Platforms

  • Ceph (REST)
  • Dell EMC Isilon (REST)
  • Dell EMC PowerFlex/ScaleIO (REST)
  • Dell EMC PowerStore (REST)
  • Dell EMC PowerVault (REST)
  • Dell EMC SC Series (REST)
  • Dell EMC Unity (REST)
  • Dell EMC VMAX (WBEM)
  • Dell EMC VMAX/PowerMax (REST)
  • Dell EMC XtremIO (REST)
  • Fujitsu Eternus AF/DX Series (REST)
  • Hitachi E Series (REST)
  • Hitachi G Series (REST)
  • Hitachi GUM (REST)
  • HPE Primera (WBEM)
  • Huawei OceanStor (REST)
  • IBM DS888x (WBEM)
  • IBM Spectrum Scale (REST)
  • NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager (REST)
  • NetApp E-Series (REST)
  • NetApp ONTAP (REST)
  • NetApp SolidFire (REST)
  • Pure Storage FlashArray (REST)
  • Scality RING (REST)

Product at a glance

Architecture and Integration

Storage All-in-One ETL fully integrates with BMC TrueSight/Helix Continuous Optimization.

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All packages can be downloaded from the Download Center. Download v1.17.00