SWSY-4526: Unable to Monitor Remote Hosts Using SNMP v3 SHA Authentication with Privacy Encryption

Apr 28, 2022
Patch for Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL - Version(s) 10.2.00,10.3.00

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Patch content

PSL library

Should you install this patch?

Install this patch if you are using SNMP v3 - SHA Authentication with privacy credentials to monitor remote hosts.

What does it fix?

The Privacy (Encryption) credentials provided for SNMP v3 - SHA Authentication was not correctly used for connecting to remote hosts.

How to install the patch?

  1. Copy the following file to the $PATROL_HOME/lib/psl or %PATROL_HOME%\lib\psl directory on the server where the PATROL Agent runs:
    • X_host.lib
  2. Restart the PATROL Agent for the patch to take effect.