Monitors and Attributes

The table below summarizes the classes, parameters, and default alert thresholds of Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL 11.4.01.

Parameter Reference Database (PRD):  MS_HW_prd.csv

Server Thresholds Template for TrueSight:  MS_HW_thresholdtemplate.csv

Monitor Name PATROL Class Description
Hardware Battery MS_HW_BATTERY Monitors a specific battery.
Hardware Batteries MS_HW_BATTERY_CONT Groups all batteries.
Hardware Blade MS_HW_BLADE Monitors a specific blade server inside a blade enclosure.
Hardware Blades MS_HW_BLADE_CONT Groups all blades.
Hardware Sentry Connector MS_HW_CONNECTOR Monitors a connector currently being used by Hardware Sentry in order to discover and monitor the hardware components of the server. If a problem occurs with the hardware instrumentation layer, the Status parameter will be set to Degraded or Failed. In such case, hardware components that were discovered and monitored through this connector are no longer monitored. Check the TestReport parameter to have more details about the connector failure.
Hardware Connectors MS_HW_CONNECTOR_CONT Groups all connectors.
Hardware Processor MS_HW_CPU Monitors a specific Central Processing Unit (CPU) or processor and verifies if it is present and running.
Hardware Processors MS_HW_CPU_CONT Groups all CPUs.
Hardware CPU Core MS_HW_CPUCORE Monitors a specific CPU core under each CPU.
Hardware CPU Cores MS_HW_CPUCORE_CONT Groups all CPU cores.
Hardware Disk Controller MS_HW_DISKCONTROLLER Monitors the disk controller which connects one or more physical disk drives. This instance groups all physical and logical disk drives. If a controller goes missing all its disks will also become missing.
Hardware Enclosure MS_HW_ENCLOSURE Monitors a hardware enclosure, such as a computer's main chassis, external disk arrays or blade enclosures.
Hardware Fan MS_HW_FAN Monitors a specific fan. Monitoring fans is important since they ensure maintaining the right temperature for optimal functioning of the system.
Hardware Fans MS_HW_FAN_CONT Groups all fans.
Hardware GPU MS_HW_GPU Monitors the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
Hardware GPUs MS_HW_GPU_CONT Groups all GPUs.
Hardware Host Group MS_HW_HOSTGROUP Groups hosts of similar settings.
Hardware Sentry MS_HW_KM Main application class for Hardware Sentry that allows the configuring of the KM.
Hardware LED MS_HW_LED Monitors a specific LED, which indicates essential and most critical functions of a server or SAN device.
Hardware LEDs MS_HW_LED_CONT Groups all LEDs.
Hardware Logical Disk MS_HW_LOGICALDISK Monitors a specific logical disk, which is a collection of physical disks available on a RAID or advanced disk controllers.
Hardware Logical Disks MS_HW_LOGICALDISK_CONT Groups all logical disks.
Hardware LUN MS_HW_LUN Monitors a specific LUN, which are volumes stored on a remote disk array and that are exposed to the operating system of a server as a hard disk by the HBA card (host bus adapter, typically a fiber channel card). Note: In most redundant systems, a LUN can be accessed through different paths. Hardware Sentry checks the multi-path I/O (MPIO), if configured, to identify and monitor the unique LUNs.
Hardware LUNs MS_HW_LUN_CONT Groups all LUNs.
Hardware MS_HW_MAIN Represents a monitored system and acts as a container for the monitored devices.
Hardware Memory Module MS_HW_MEMORY Monitors a specific memory module and verifies if it is present and operating correctly.
Hardware Memory Modules MS_HW_MEMORY_CONT Groups all memory modules.
Hardware Network Interface MS_HW_NETWORK Monitors a specific network adapter in the server and verifies if it is present and operating in optimal communication performance.
Hardware Network Interfaces MS_HW_NETWORK_CONT Groups all network adapters.
Hardware Other Device MS_HW_OTHERDEVICE Monitors hardware components that do not fall into other predefined categories (processors, memory modules, temperature sensors, fans, voltage sensors, power supplies, network cards, disk controllers, physical disks and logical disks).
Hardware Other Devices MS_HW_OTHERDEVICE_CONT Groups all other devices.
Hardware Physical Disk MS_HW_PHYSICALDISK Monitors a specific physical disk for loss of data, unavailability and performance degradation. When available, the S.M.A.R.T. technology will be used to predict a disk failure before it occurs.
Hardware Physical Disks MS_HW_PHYSICALDISK_CONT Groups all physical disks.
Hardware Power Supply MS_HW_POWERSUPPLY Monitors a specific power supply. Power supply is a highly critical device of a computer that should never fail. Because of that, many vendors build servers with redundant power supplies. Monitoring power supplies allows the operators to be alerted when a power supply fails, or even in some cases when a power supply is overloaded.
Hardware Power Supplies MS_HW_POWERSUPPLY_CONT Groups all power supplies.
Hardware Report MS_HW_REPORT Groups all reports.
Hardware Robotics MS_HW_ROBOTICS Monitors a specific robotic device. These instances are created under enclosures.
Hardware Robotics MS_HW_ROBOTICS_CONT Groups all robotic devices.
Hardware Tape Drive MS_HW_TAPEDRIVE Monitors a specific tape drive. These instances are created under enclosures or disk controllers.
Hardware Tape Drives MS_HW_TAPEDRIVE_CONT Groups all tape drives.
Hardware Temperature MS_HW_TEMPERATURE Monitors the temperature of a specific device. Monitoring the temperature of the critical devices of your system allows you to take preventive action and avoid a crash from overheating.
Hardware Temperatures MS_HW_TEMPERATURE_CONT Groups all temperature monitoring.
Hardware VM MS_HW_VM Reports the status and power consumption of the virtual machine.
Hardware VMs MS_HW_VM_CONT Groups all virtual machines.
Hardware Voltage MS_HW_VOLTAGE Monitors the voltage of a specific device. Too low or too high voltages may lead to unpredictable system crashes. Monitoring the value of the different voltages needed by the motherboard will help detecting system instability.
Hardware Voltages MS_HW_VOLTAGE_CONT Groups all voltage monitoring.
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