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Additional Information

Monitored Host

A host is any physical machine, network switch or storage system listed as a target in the Hardware Sentry monitoring configuration file.

Sentry Desk User

Sentry Desk users are individuals designated by your organization, who are authorized to open tickets and interact with Sentry Desk about technical issues. The number of authorized users varies depending on the chosen support plan.

Jira Service Management

All support plans include full access to Jira Service Management to follow up on the progress of the resolution of your request and facilitate exchanges and notifications.

Request for Enhancement

All support plans allow you to submit a request to Sentry Software to add functionality or enhance performance beyond the specifications of the latest released version of the product.

Knowledge Base

For all support plans - Our technical Knowledge Base provides helpful articles, such as how-to and difficulties frequently encountered. These articles can help you solve problems by yourself and provide valuable information about making the most out of your product.


Screenshare sessions to share what you see on the screen with a Sentry Desk representative instead of going back and forth describing a technical issue. Note that only Hardware 2500 and Hardware Infinite support plans include screenshare sessions. On-demand sessions are available to Hardware 100 and Hardware 500 subscribers at an additional cost.

Slack/Microsoft Team Sessions

Hardware Infinite only - Slack or Teams sessions facilitate interactions with Sentry Desk via a messaging application (slack) and a collaborative platform (Microsoft Teams): quickly start a live chat with a representative, schedule online meeting, share documents, and files, etc.

Operating Hours

You may log tickets 24/7 via Jira Service Management. However, Sentry Desk operates during America and Europe (EMEA) business hours. Note that user documentation and knowledge base articles are available at your discretion to answer general questions.

Problem Resolution

The time it takes to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues varies depending on the problem. Sentry Desk representatives are dedicated to responding to all issues raised by a customer in the shortest time frame.

Purchase from Partners' Platforms

Purchasing Hardware Sentry from any of our partners entitles you to technical support as stated in the support conditions and policy defined in your commercial agreement with the partner.


Depending on the billing cycle you have chosen, you will be billed monthly or yearly at the date of your initial subscription.

Payment Methods

Subscriptions to any Support Plan are processed online on Sentry Software website. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, and Discover.


If you need a demo tailored to your needs, please get in touch with our Sales team.

Service Agreement

The service agreement applies to Sentry Desk Services and is entered into by and between the customer subscribing to the Sentry Desk Services and Sentry Software. Read more.