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This solution requires BMC PATROL. If you are not a BMC User, please contact BMC Software first.

Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM


Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM for PATROL constantly monitors the states of schedules, prompts, and jobs as well as key processes to ensure the Tivoli scheduling environment is running properly. Scheduling errors, abends, or unresolved dependencies are also detected to allow administrators to quickly take corrective actions.

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This product requires BMC PATROL

Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM 1.5.01


What's new - Installation on Windows sla9,6MB
tws_ALL_1501.tar - Installation on UNIX/Linux sla10,1MB

Note: Both Windows and UNIX packages contain the setup files for all BMC Software PATROL components (PATROL Agent, PATROL Classic Console, PATROL Central and Console Server).


Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM 1.5.01 User Documentation3,3MB
Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM 1.5.01 DocumentationHTML Pages

BMC Software Installation Utility - Installation Utility for Windows sla24,6MB
ins_ALL_7564.tar - Installation Utility for UNIX/Linux sla140,9MB

The Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM is delivered as any standard BMC Software product. The installation is based on the BMC Software "Installation Utility" that you need to download in order to install the Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM. Please review the Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM Installation Guide for the setup instructions.