P1053 - Numeric Value Extraction Problem

Apr 11, 2008
Patch for BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring Studio - Version(s) 2.5.00

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Patch content

Patch for Monitoring Studio Express 2.5.00

Should you install this patch?

Apply this patch if you try to extract numeric values in a specified column number

What does it fix?

Monitoring Studio Express did not take into account the specified column number when extracting a numeric value from a file, output of a command, SQL query, etc.

How to install the patch?

Unzip the file. Login to Portal as superadmin and upload the resulting .par file. "BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring Studio by Sentry Software" appears in the Performance Manager list. Select the corresponding checkbox and click [Publish]. Monitoring Studio Express is then automatically upgraded on all the monitored elements. This process takes a few minutes. When the migration process is completed, the version is marked as "Published".