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Oct 28, 2009
Patch for BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring Studio - Version(s) 2.5.00

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Patch content

Patch for Monitoring Studio Express 2.5.00

Should you install this patch?

Install this patch if you need to fix at least one of the issues described below.

What does it fix?

The application class SEN_MS_NUMERIC has been improved to:

  • Properly rescale the extracted numeric value
  • Process exponential character �E� as a mathematical value and not as a string when extracting numeric value from a column

The application class SEN_MS_STRING has been modified to properly set the parameters Count(HB) and Count(LB) values to �0� when no line matches the String Search. However, the parameters Count(HB) and Count(LB) are set to �Null� when the parsed content is empty.

The application class SEN_MS_SNMP has been fixed to properly retrieve the SNMP table content when the table has only one entry. An infinite loop that could occur when finding the available column numbers in an SNMP table has been fixed.

The application class SEN_MS_FILE has been improved to manage the following issues:

  • The most recently modified files are now correctly detected on UNIX/Linux platform
  • A double check on the SSH protocol availability test has been implemented to make sure an alarm is triggered when a collected remote element does not respond to SSH connections anymore.

The application class SEN_MS_OSCOMMAND now supports the execution of command on a remote element with the option of WMI Impersonation Level (Impersonate, Delegate).

The software contains the following new features:

  • SEN_MS_FILE : Wild characters (�*� and �?�) can now be provided in the file path in addition to the file name.
  • Single SQL query stored in a file on the RSM can be executed using the %{FromRSM:filename} macro

How to install the patch?

Unzip the file. Login to Portal as superadmin and upload the resulting .par file.

"BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring Studio by Sentry Software 2.5.07" appears in the Performance Manager list. Select the corresponding checkbox and click [Publish].

Monitoring Studio Express is then automatically upgraded on all the monitored elements. This process takes a few minutes.

When the migration process is completed, the 2.5.07 version is marked as "Published".