P1540: Various Issues for VVM 2.5.00 Running on Windows

June 26, 2014
Patch for Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL - Version(s) 2.5.00

This patch is replaced with !


Patch content

  • PSL library file
  • Command files

Should you install this patch?

Apply this patch if:

  • You are using the monitoring solution on Windows systems.
  • You are monitoring a Storage Foundation 5x system running on Windows.
  • You are using the multi-node monitoring mode to monitor Microsoft Cluster.

What does it fix?

  • VVM-143: The KM did not properly interpret the output of the iostat command used to collect statistics from deported volumes on Windows. This resulted in a false alarm to be triggered by the VVMLoginStatus parameter.
  • VVM-153: A false alarm was triggered by the VVMDiskdeviceStatus parameter when monitoring a Storage Foundation 5x system running on Windows.
  • VVM-159: The Microsoft Cluster active node was not properly detected when the KM was operating in multi-node monitoring mode.

How to install the patch?

  1. Unzip the following file to the %PATROL_HOME%\lib directory on the managed server:
  2. Restart the PATROL Agent.
  3. Nothing needs to be installed on the Console systems.