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Oracle/Sun ILOM (SSH)

Connector file name: MS_HW_SunILOMSSH.hdf

This connector is superseded by:


This connector provides hardware monitoring for the Sun Blades with ILOM cards via SSH.


Typical platform: Oracle/Sun

Operating system: Out-of-Band


Leverages: Sun/Oracle ILOM

Technology and protocols: SSH

This connector is not available for the local host (it is applicable to remote hosts only).

Connector Activation Criteria

The Oracle/Sun ILOM (SSH) connector will be automatically activated, and its status will be reported as OK if all the below criteria are met:

  • SSH is enabled on the monitored host
  • The monitored host sends a prompt
  • The connector sends show /SYS -d properties[Return]
  • The monitored host sends another prompt
  • The connector sends exit[Return]
  • The captured output contains product_name (regex)


Object Type Discovered Properties Collected Parameters
  • Model
  • Vendor
  • Status
Processor (MS_HW_CPU)
  • Model
  • Vendor
  • Status
Memory Module (MS_HW_MEMORY)
  • Model
  • Vendor
  • Status
    • Predicted Failure
    • Status
    Temperature Sensor (MS_HW_TEMPERATURE)
    • Alarm Threshold
    • Sensor Type/Location
    • Warning Threshold
    • Status
    • Temperature
    Voltage Sensor (MS_HW_VOLTAGE)
    • Lower Threshold
    • Upper Threshold
    • Voltage Type
    • Status
    • Voltage
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