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WMI - Network

Connector file name: MS_HW_WBEMGenNetwork.hdf

This connector is superseded by:


This connector provides the monitoring of network cards on all Windows-based systems through the WMI layer (root/WMI namespace).


Typical platform: Any system

Operating system: Microsoft Windows


Leverages: WMI

Technology and protocols: WMI

Connector Activation Criteria

The WMI - Network connector will be automatically activated, and its status will be reported as OK if all the below criteria are met:

  • Operating System is Microsoft Windows
  • The Windows service WINMGMT is running
  • The WMI query below to the managed host succeeds:
    • Namespace: root\wmi
    • WQL Query: SELECT InstanceName FROM MSNdis_MediaConnectStatus
  • The WMI query below to the managed host succeeds:
    • Namespace: root\cimv2
    • WQL Query: SELECT AdapterType FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter
    • Result contains: ^Ethernet 802\.3;$ (regex)


Object Type Discovered Properties Collected Parameters
Network Card, FC Port (MS_HW_NETWORK)
  • Additional Information 1
  • Model
  • Physical Address
  • Physical Address Type
  • Error Percent
  • Link Speed
  • Link Status
  • Received Packets Rate
  • Status
  • Transmitted Packets Rate
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