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Hitachi HDS AMS/HUS (SNM2 CLI on Linux)


This connector discovers the status of Hitachi AMS/HUS's Processors, CSW, Cache, SM, Power Supplies, Batteries, Fans, Physical Disks and Environment.

Connector ID: HitachiSNM2CLILinux


Typical platforms: Hitachi AMS, Hitachi HUS

Operating system: Storage System


Leverages: Hitachi SNM2 CLI

Technology and protocols: System Commands



hws HOSTNAME -t storage -f HitachiSNM2CLILinux --ssh -u USER


- host:
    hostname: <HOSTNAME> # Change with actual host name
    type: storage
  selectedConnectors: [ HitachiSNM2CLILinux ] # Optional, to load only this connector
    username: <USERNAME> # Change with actual credentials
    password: <PASSWORD> # Encrypted using hws-encrypt

Connector Activation Criteria

The Hitachi HDS AMS/HUS (SNM2 CLI on Linux) connector must be selected manually, and its status will be reported as OK if all the below criteria are met:

  • The command below succeeds on the agent host
    • Command: uname
    • Output contains: Linux (regex)
  • The command below succeeds on the agent host
    • Command: if [ -n "$STONAVM_HOME" ]; then echo STONAVM_HOME Defined; fi
    • Output contains: STONAVM_HOME Defined (regex)
  • The command below succeeds on the agent host
    • Command: if [ -n "$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" ]; then echo LD_LIBRARY_PATH Defined; fi
    • Output contains: LD_LIBRARY_PATH Defined (regex)
  • The command below succeeds on the agent host
    • Command: export STONAVM_RSP_PASS=on;echo %{PASSWORD}>$STONAVM_HOME/MS_HW_pwdfile;$STONAVM_HOME/auaccountenv -set -uid %{USERNAME} -passwdfile $STONAVM_HOME/MS_HW_pwdfile
    • Output contains: The account information has been set successfully (regex)


Type Collected Metrics Specific Attributes (Labels)
  • hw.status{hw.type="enclosure",state="present"}
  • model
  • serial_number
  • type
  • vendor
  • hw.status{hw.type="battery",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="battery",state="present"}
    • hw.status{hw.type="fan",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
    • hw.status{hw.type="fan",state="present"}
      Logical Disk, RAID
      • hw.logical_disk.limit
      • hw.logicaldisk.utilization{state="free|used"}
      • hw.status{hw.type="logical_disk",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
      • hw.status{hw.type="logical_disk",state="present"}
      • info
      • raid_level
      Memory Module
      • hw.status{hw.type="memory",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
      • hw.status{hw.type="memory",state="present"}
        Network Card, FC Port
        • hw.status{hw.type="network",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
        • hw.status{hw.type="network",state="present"}
          Other Device
          • hw.status{hw.type="other_device",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
          • hw.status{hw.type="other_device",state="present"}
            Physical Disk
            • hw.physical_disk.size
            • hw.status{hw.type="physical_disk",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
            • hw.status{hw.type="physical_disk",state="present"}
            • info
            • firmware_version
            • model
            • serial_number
            • vendor
            Power Supply
            • hw.status{hw.type="power_supply",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
            • hw.status{hw.type="power_supply",state="present"}
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