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HP TopTools NetRaid Agent


This connector monitors the RAID disks (physical and logical) attached to an HP NetRAID controller. It uses the information provided by the HP NetRAID SNMP Sub-Agent, installed with the HP TopTools Server Agent.

Connector ID: HpNetRaidController


Typical platform: HP NetServer

Operating systems: Linux, Microsoft Windows


Leverages: HP TopTools NetRaid Agent

Technology and protocols: SNMP



hws HOSTNAME -t linux -f HpNetRaidController --snmp v2c --community public


- host:
    hostname: <HOSTNAME> # Change with actual host name
    type: linux
  selectedConnectors: [ HpNetRaidController ] # Optional, to load only this connector
    version: v1 # Read documentation for v2 and v3
    community: public # or probably something more secure

Connector Activation Criteria

The HP TopTools NetRaid Agent connector will be automatically activated, and its status will be reported as OK if all the below criteria are met:

  • An SNMP Get-Next on the OID must return a value in the same subtree


Type Collected Metrics Specific Attributes (Labels)
Disk Controller
  • hw.status{hw.type="disk_controller",state="present"}
  • bios_version
  • firmware_version
  • model
  • vendor
Logical Disk, RAID
  • hw.logical_disk.limit
  • hw.status{hw.type="logical_disk",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="logical_disk",state="present"}
  • raid_level
Physical Disk
  • hw.physical_disk.size
  • hw.status{hw.type="physical_disk",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="physical_disk",state="present"}
  • model
  • vendor
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