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VMware ESXi 5 LUN (esxcli)


This connector discovers the LUNs of an VMware ESX5i server. It requires HTTPS access to the ESX host.

Connector ID: VMwareESX5iLUNesxcli

This connector supersedes:


Typical platform: VMware ESXi

Operating systems: Linux, Out-of-Band


Leverages: ESX excli utility (installed on PATROL Agent host)

Technology and protocols: System Commands

This connector requires advanced privileges on the managed host for the command below:

  • vcenter

This connector therefore needs to run as root or you need to configure a privilege-escalation mechanism like sudo on the managed host to allow the monitoring account to run the command listed above.

Sample of /etc/sudoers to allow the above command to be run as root by the hwsagent account:

hwsagent ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: vcenter

This connector is not available for the local host (it is applicable to remote hosts only).



hws HOSTNAME -t linux -f VMwareESX5iLUNesxcli --ssh -u USER --sudo-command-list vcenter


- host:
    hostname: <HOSTNAME> # Change with actual host name
    type: linux
  selectedConnectors: [ VMwareESX5iLUNesxcli ] # Optional, to load only this connector
    username: <USERNAME> # Change with actual credentials
    password: <PASSWORD> # Encrypted using hws-encrypt
    useSudo: true
    useSudoCommands: [ "vcenter" ]

Connector Activation Criteria

The VMware ESXi 5 LUN (esxcli) connector will be automatically activated, and its status will be reported as OK if all the below criteria are met:

  • The command below succeeds on the agent host
    • Command: esxcli -s %{HOSTNAME} -u %{USERNAME} -p %{PASSWORD} system version get
    • Output contains: Version: [567] (regex)
  • The command below succeeds on the agent host
    • Command: esxcli -s %{HOSTNAME} -u %{USERNAME} -p %{PASSWORD} storage core path list
    • Output contains: Transport: fc (regex)


Type Collected Metrics Specific Attributes (Labels)
  • hw.lun.paths{type="available"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="lun",state="present"}
  • array_name
Other Device
  • hw.status{hw.type="other_device",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="other_device",state="present"}
  • info
  • device_type
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