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Windows Storage Spaces (WMI)


This connector provides monitoring physical disks through Windows Storage Management's WMI provider. It supports all disk types, including disks on NVMe bus and NVDIMM. When available, temperature sensors are also discovered and monitored.

Connector ID: WinStorageSpaces

This connector supersedes:


Typical platform: Any system

Operating system: Microsoft Windows


Leverages: Windows Storage Spaces

Technology and protocols: WMI



hws HOSTNAME -t win -f WinStorageSpaces --wmi -u USER


- host:
    hostname: <HOSTNAME> # Change with actual host name
    type: win
  selectedConnectors: [ WinStorageSpaces ] # Optional, to load only this connector
    username: <USERNAME> # Change with actual credentials
    password: <PASSWORD> # Encrypted using hws-encrypt

Connector Activation Criteria

The Windows Storage Spaces (WMI) connector will be automatically activated, and its status will be reported as OK if all the below criteria are met:

  • Operating System is Microsoft Windows
  • The WMI query below to the managed host succeeds:
    • Namespace: root\Microsoft\Windows\Storage
    • WQL Query: SELECT ObjectId FROM MSFT_Volume


Type Collected Metrics Specific Attributes (Labels)
Disk Controller
  • hw.status{hw.type="disk_controller",state="present"}
  • model
Logical Disk, RAID
  • hw.logical_disk.limit
  • hw.logicaldisk.utilization{state="free|used"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="logical_disk",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="logical_disk",state="present"}
  • info
Physical Disk
  • hw.errors{hw.type="physical_disk"}
  • hw.physical_disk.endurance_utilization{state="remaining"}
  • hw.physical_disk.size
  • hw.status{hw.type="physical_disk",state="ok|degraded|failed"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="physical_disk",state="predicted_failure"}
  • hw.status{hw.type="physical_disk",state="present"}
  • firmware_version
  • serial_number
  • vendor
Temperature Sensor
  • hw.status{hw.type="temperature",state="present"}
  • hw.temperature
  • hw.temperature.limit{limit_type="high.critical"}
  • hw.temperature.limit{limit_type="high.degraded"}
  • sensor_location
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