Integration with BMC Helix Operations Management

Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector can easily integrate with BMC Helix Operations Management to expose hardware health and performance metrics into Helix Dashboards. This is achieved by using the standard Prometheus Remote Write protocol, which can be ingested by the BMC Helix platform.

Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector integration with BMC Helix


Edit the exporters section of the config/otel-config.yaml configuration file as in the below example:

    endpoint: https://<your-helix-env>
      Authorization: Bearer <apiToken>
      enabled: true


  • <your-helix-env> is the host name of your BMC Helix environment, at
  • <apiToken> is the API Key of your BMC Helix environment
  • resource_to_telemetry_conversion converts all the resource attributes to metric labels when enabled

To get your API Key, connect to BMC Helix Operations Management, go to the Administration > Repository page, and click on the Copy API Key button.

Copy API Key

Then, make sure to declare the exporter in the pipeline section of config/otel-config.yaml:

  extensions: [health_check]
      receivers: [prometheus_exec/hws-exporter,prometheus/internal]
      processors: [memory_limiter,batch,metricstransform]
      exporters: [prometheusremotewrite/helix] # Your helix config must be listed here
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