Prometheus AlertManager

If your Prometheus server is configured to send alerts to an AlertManager, you will have to configure Alert Rules to make sure alerts are triggered whenever an hardware failure is detected.

Hardware Sentry comes with a configuration example, config/hws-alertmanager-rules-example.yaml, which contains default alert rules for all relevant metrics.

Note: These alert rules should not be confused with the internal alerts managed and triggered by Hardware Sentry as OpenTelemetry logs. The alert rules described in this page are fully managed by Prometheus AlertManager.

Static vs Dynamic Thresholds

Most of the default alert rules compare the value of a metric to a static hardcoded value.

Example of the hw_battery_charge_ratio metric which represents the charge percentage of a battery (between 0 and 1):

  • a warn alert is active when the battery charge is below 0.5 (50%)
  • a critical alert is active when the battery charge is below 0.3 (30%)

Note: When the value of hw_battery_charge_ratio falls below 0.3, both warn and critical alerts are active, since the condition matches both above alert rules.

However, some alerts cannot be configured with hardcoded values, like for temperature sensors. For such metrics, 2 additional metrics have been added to represent the warning and alarm thresholds. The default alert rules compare the base metric to the corresponding threshold metrics.

Example of the hw_temperature_celsius metric:

  • a warn alert is active when the temperature is greater than the value of hw_temperature_limit_celsius{limit_type="high.degraded"}
  • a critical alert is active when the temperature is greater than the value of hw_temperature_limit_celsius{limit_type="high.critical"}
- name: Temperature
    - alert: Temperature-High-warn
      expr: hw_temperature_celsius >= ignoring(limit_type) hw_temperature_limit_celsius{limit_type="high.degraded"}
        severity: "warn"
    - alert: Temperature-High-critical
      expr: hw_temperature_celsius >= ignoring(limit_type) hw_temperature_limit_celsius{limit_type="high.critical"}
        severity: "critical"

The table below summarizes the metrics that should be compared to their corresponding dynamic threshold metrics:

Base Metric Dynamic Threshold Metrics
rate(hw_errors_total[1h]) ignoring(limit_type) hw_errors_limit{limit_type="degraded"}
ignoring(limit_type) hw_errors_limit{limit_type="critical"}
hw_fan_speed_rpm ignoring(limit_type) hw_fan_speed_limit_rpm{limit_type="low.degraded"}
ignoring(limit_type) hw_fan_speed_limit_rpm{limit_type="low.critical"}
hw_fan_speed_ratio ignoring(limit_type) hw_fan_speed_ratio_limit{limit_type="low.degraded"}
ignoring(limit_type) hw_fan_speed_ratio_limit{limit_type="low.critical"}
hw_lun_paths{type="available"} ignoring(limit_type) hw_lun_paths_limit{limit_type="low.degraded"}
hw_network_error_ratio ignoring(limit_type) hw_network_error_ratio_limit{limit_type="degraded"}
ignoring(limit_type) hw_network_error_ratio_limit{limit_type="critical"}
hw_other_device_uses ignoring(limit_type) hw_other_device_uses_limit{limit_type="degraded"}
ignoring(limit_type) hw_other_device_uses_limit{limit_type="critical"}
hw_other_device_value ignoring(limit_type) hw_other_device_value_limit{limit_type="degraded"}
ignoring(limit_type) hw_other_device_value_limit{limit_type="critical"}
hw_temperature_celsius ignoring(limit_type) hw_temperature_limit_celsius{limit_type="high.degraded"}
ignoring(limit_type) hw_temperature_limit_celsius{limit_type="high.critical"}
hw_voltage_volts ignoring(limit_type) hw_voltage_limit_volts{limit_type="low.critical"}
ignoring(limit_type) hw_voltage_limit_volts{limit_type="high.critical"}


Copy the config/hws-alertmanager-rules-example.yaml file in your Prometheus installation folder and rename it hws-alertmanager-rules.yaml.

In the prometheus.yaml file, add the alerting configuration, as shown below:

  - hws-alertmanager-rules.yaml

Restart your Prometheus server to taken the new rules into account.

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