Quick Start

This quick start guide walks you through the step-by-step instructions you should complete for integrating Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector with supported third-party platforms to visualize health and sustainability metrics in easy-to-read dashboards.

Step 1: Install Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector

Install Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector on a system that has network access to the physical servers, switches and storage systems you need to monitor. We recommend to dedicate one instance of the Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector to one “site” (i.e. each data center or server room).

Step 2: Configure the Hardware Sentry Agent

First, add and define the hosts you wish to monitor to the config/hws-config.yaml file. Simply provide the hostname and type of the host to be monitored, the protocols and credentials.

Then, define sites and sustainability settings. Monitored hosts must be grouped into sites. You must define at least one site to represent a data center, a server room, or applications and services depending on your IT infrastructure and needs.

Step 3: Configure the integration with the third-party platform

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