As there are 2 separate processes in Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector, there are 2 separate debugging mechanisms. Depending on the issue you're experiencing, you may need to troubleshoot one or the other of these main components:

  1. OpenTelemetry Collector, which is in charge of launching the core engine (Hardware Sentry Agent), extracting its data and pushing them to the destination.
  2. Hardware Sentry Agent, a Java process that performs the actual hardware monitoring, connecting to each of the monitored hosts and retrieving information about their hardware components.

If you're not getting any data at all at the destination framework, you are probably facing issues with the Collector. If some data is missing (the monitoring coverage is incomplete), it's more likely a problem with the core engine.

OpenTelemetry Collector

The Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector writes details about its operations (from initialization, to pipeline, to termination) to the logs/otel.log file.

This logs/otel.log file is reset each time the Collector is started. Previous logs are backed up as logs/otel-timestamp.log where timestamp is the time at which the log was backed up, example: otel-2022-03-11T18-50-20.292.log.

The Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector rotates the otel.log file when it reaches a maximum size of 100MB and retains 3 old log files (otel-timestamp.log) for 30 days.

The level of details in logs/otel.log is configured in config/otel-config.yaml. Set the log level to error, warn, info (default), or debug to get more details as in the below example:

      level: debug
  extensions: [health_check]
  # [...]

You need to restart the Collector for these new settings to be taken into account.

What to look for in otel.log

The first critical task the Collector has to complete is to launch the Java process of the Hardware Sentry Agent through the prometheusexecreceiver. Check in logs/otel.log that the sub-process is properly started and did not encounter any issue:

2021-12-22T11:26:13.870+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:146	Starting hws_agent	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent", "command": "C:\\Windows\\system32\\cmd.exe"}
2021-12-22T11:26:13.870+0100	info	builder/exporters_builder.go:48	Exporter started.	{"kind": "exporter", "name": "prometheus"}
2021-12-22T11:26:13.870+0100	info	service/service.go:96	Starting processors...
2021-12-22T11:26:13.870+0100	info	builder/pipelines_builder.go:54	Pipeline is starting...	{"name": "pipeline", "name": "metrics"}
2021-12-22T11:26:13.870+0100	info	internal/resourcedetection.go:126	began detecting resource information	{"kind": "processor", "name": "resourcedetection"}
2021-12-22T11:26:14.722+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:129	hws_agent changed state	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent", "state": "Running"}
2021-12-22T11:26:15.755+0100	info	internal/resourcedetection.go:139	detected resource information	{"kind": "processor", "name": "resourcedetection", "resource": {"":"","os.type":"WINDOWS"}}
2021-12-22T11:26:15.755+0100	info	builder/pipelines_builder.go:65	Pipeline is started.	{"name": "pipeline", "name": "metrics"}
2021-12-22T11:26:15.755+0100	info	service/service.go:101	Starting receivers...
2021-12-22T11:26:15.755+0100	info	builder/receivers_builder.go:68	Receiver is starting...	{"kind": "receiver", "name": "prometheus/internal"}
2021-12-22T11:26:15.755+0100	debug	discovery/manager.go:195	Starting provider	{"kind": "receiver", "name": "prometheus/internal", "provider": "static/0", "subs": "[otel-collector-internal]"}
2021-12-22T11:26:15.755+0100	debug	discovery/manager.go:213	Discoverer channel closed	{"kind": "receiver", "name": "prometheus/internal", "provider": "static/0"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.284+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:229	[36m[2021-12-22T11:26:16,281][INFO ][c.s.h.a.HardwareSentryAgentApp] Starting HardwareSentryAgentApp using Java 11.0.6 on pc-nassim with PID 236 (C:\Program Files\hws-otel-collector\lib\hws-agent-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar started by nassim in c:\Program Files\hws-otel-collector)	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.287+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:229	[m[32m[2021-12-22T11:26:16,287][DEBUG][c.s.h.a.HardwareSentryAgentApp] Running with Spring Boot v2.4.5, Spring v1.1-SNAPSHOT	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.288+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:229	[m[36m[2021-12-22T11:26:16,288][INFO ][c.s.h.a.HardwareSentryAgentApp] No active profile set, falling back to default profiles: default	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.608+0100	info	builder/receivers_builder.go:73	Receiver started.	{"kind": "receiver", "name": "prometheus/internal"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.608+0100	info	builder/receivers_builder.go:68	Receiver is starting...	{"kind": "receiver", "name": "otlp"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.608+0100	info	otlpreceiver/otlp.go:69	Starting GRPC server on endpoint localhost:4317	{"kind": "receiver", "name": "otlp"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.608+0100	info	builder/receivers_builder.go:73	Receiver started.	{"kind": "receiver", "name": "otlp"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.608+0100	info	healthcheck/handler.go:129	Health Check state change	{"kind": "extension", "name": "health_check", "status": "ready"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.608+0100	info	service/telemetry.go:92	Setting up own telemetry...
2021-12-22T11:26:16.609+0100	info	service/telemetry.go:116	Serving Prometheus metrics	{"address": ":8888", "level": "basic", "": "05d27cc8-30f6-47cc-8c2f-0c6c1181fa96", "service.version": "latest"}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.609+0100	info	service/collector.go:239	Starting hws-otel-collector...	{"Version": "1.1-SNAPSHOT (Build 6b2c8efc on Dec 22, 2021 at 10:30:28 AM)", "NumCPU": 12}
2021-12-22T11:26:16.609+0100	info	service/collector.go:135	Everything is ready. Begin running and processing data.
2021-12-22T11:26:18.060+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:229	[m[36m[2021-12-22T11:26:18,060][INFO ][c.s.h.a.s.TaskSchedulingService] Scheduled Job for host id ecs1-01	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent"}
2021-12-22T11:26:18.061+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:229	[m[36m[2021-12-22T11:26:18,060][INFO ][c.s.h.a.s.t.StrategyTask] Calling the engine to discover host: ecs1-01.	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent"}
2021-12-22T11:26:18.061+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:229	[m[36m[2021-12-22T11:26:18,061][INFO ][c.s.h.a.s.TaskSchedulingService] Scheduled Job for host id ankara	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent"}
2021-12-22T11:26:18.061+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:229	[m[36m[2021-12-22T11:26:18,061][INFO ][c.s.h.a.s.t.StrategyTask] Calling the engine to discover host: ankara.	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent"}
2021-12-22T11:26:18.377+0100	debug	hwsagentextension@v0.41.0/process.go:229	[m[36m[2021-12-22T11:26:18,377][INFO ][c.s.h.a.HardwareSentryAgentApp] Started HardwareSentryAgentApp in 2.485 seconds (JVM running for 3.634)	{"kind": "extension", "name": "hws_agent"}

The logs/otel.log file will also include details about the processing steps and the connection to the output framework (Prometheus, BMC Helix, etc.). Any connection issue of authentication failures with the outside will be displayed in this log file.

Getting more details about the exported data

By default, details about the collected metrics is not displayed in logs/otel.log. To see which metrics, which labels and values are sent by the Collector, you need to enable the logging exporter in config/otel-config.yaml.

Make sure the logging exporter is listed under exporters with log level set to debug:

# [...]
    loglevel: debug

Then add logging to the metrics exporters in the pipeline:

      receivers: # receivers
      processors: # processors
      exporters: [prometheusremotewrite/your-server,logging] # <-- added logging

Restart the Collector for the configuration to be taken into account.

The logging exporter acts as a regular exporter (like the Prometheus exporter, for example) and outputs all metrics going through the pipeline. Details about the metric name, its labels and value is displayed in logs/otel.log. This allows you to verify that the accuracy of the collected metrics before being sent to the receiving framework, and that the configured processors did not alter the data.

Do not leave the logging exporter enabled for too long as its output is verbose and may affect the overall performance of Collector while filling up your file system.

If you are monitoring a large number of systems with one Collector, you may get overwhelmed by the quantity of data in the logs. Do not hesitate to configure the filter processor to keep only certain metrics in the output as in the example below:

        match_type: expr
        - Label("") == ""

Declare the filter/keep1HostOnly processor in the pipeline and restart the Collector:

      receivers: [prometheus_exec/hws-exporter,prometheus/internal]
      processors: [memory_limiter,batch,filter/keep1HostOnly] # <-- added filter
      exporters: # exporters

Remove the filter processor from your pipeline once the troubleshooting is completed.

Hardware Sentry Agent

To enable the debug mode of the core engine, edit the config/hws-config.yaml file and add the loggerLevel property as in the below example:

loggerLevel: debug
- host:
    # [...]

Possible values are: all, trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal, off.

By default, the debug output file is saved in the logs directory under the Hardware Sentry OpenTelemetry Collector home directory, examples:

  • C:\Program Files\hws-otel-collector\logs on Windows
  • /usr/local/hws-otel-collector/logs on Linux

If you want to specify another output directory, edit the hws-config.yaml file and add the outputDirectory parameter just before the hosts section:

loggerLevel: debug
outputDirectory: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\logs2021

- host:
    # [...]
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