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This solution requires BMC TrueSight Operations Management. If you are not a BMC User, please contact BMC Software first.

Monitoring Studio X

Monitoring Studio X

This product is part of the Applications Monitoring solution

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The Best Monitoring Studio ever

Monitoring Studio X is the next generation of the widely adopted monitoring toolbox that eliminates any monitoring gap in BMC TrueSight Operations Management. Its modern Web interface is a unique gateway for configuring and interacting with Monitoring Studio and the PATROL Agent.

While Monitoring Studio X continues to offer the cutting-edge performance and functionality developed over the last ten years, the solution integrates new powerful configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting features.

Monitoring templates are regularly published on Sentry's GitHub Group to cover even more technologies and devices with Monitoring Studio X.

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Wait, What! A Web Interface to the PATROL Agent?

Discover the new revolutionary version of Monitoring Studio, a responsive Web user interface which is much more than a console, it is also a powerful configuration interface. Watch the video - 13:14
Modern Web Interface

A Modern Web Interface

Forget your 90s wizards and enter the modern age with Monitoring Studio X. Developed with the most popular front-end and back-end technologies, Monitoring Studio X will provide you with a brand-new user experience.

A Unified Configuration Interface

Benefit from a unified interface to configure the monitoring of your business applications and your PATROL Agent settings. Use the new Dry Run feature to challenge your monitoring settings before implementing them in your production environment.

Unified Configuration Interface
Powerful Monitoring Capabilities

Powerful Monitoring Capabilities

While Monitoring Studio X still offers all the powerful monitoring capabilities of former versions, the Web-based user interface facilitates live interactions with the PATROL Agent and comes with several menus and pages, each dedicated to specific configuration and management operations.

Live Interactions with the PATROL Agent

Leverage the REST API to interact in real-time with the PATROL Agent and its main components (get monitored instances and parameters, list events, modify the configuration, etc.)

Live Interactions with the PATROL Agent
Mass Deployment in TrueSight

Mass Deployment in TrueSight

Deploying your monitoring templates in TrueSight is now limited to 3 simple steps. After configuring the monitoring templates in Monitoring Studio and exporting them as .cfg files, you just need to import them into a CMA policy in TrueSight. Quick and easy!

Architecture and Integration

Monitoring Studio X fully integrates with BMC TrueSight Operations Management.


This product requires BMC TrueSight Operations Management

Monitoring Studio X


What's new - Installation on Windows sla20,0MB
monitoring-studio-10.0.00-thorium.tar - Installation on UNIX/Linux sla20,4MB - Import to BMC TrueSight Operations Management sla20,0MB

Note: Both Windows and UNIX packages contain the setup files for all BMC Software PATROL components (PATROL Agent, PATROL Classic Console, PATROL Central and Console Server).


Monitoring Studio X Documentation HTML Pages

Additional Files

Java Runtime Environment - JRE 1.8.1_71 for Windows sla134,3MB
jre_LINUX-SOLARIS_180171.tar - JRE 1.8.1_71 for Linux Solaris sla261,1MB

Download the package above if you wish to install a Java Runtime Environment along with the KM.

BMC Software Installation Utility - Installation Utility for Windows sla22,4MB
ins_ALL_11300.tar - Installation Utility for UNIX/Linux sla220,2MB

The Monitoring Studio X is delivered as any standard BMC Software product. The installation is based on the BMC Software "Installation Utility" that you need to download in order to install the Monitoring Studio X. Please review the Monitoring Studio X Installation Guide for the setup instructions.

Monitoring Studio X Templates

Download the Studio templates on GitHub . You can also make your own contributions to Studio X by updating the existing templates or publishing yours on GitHub.