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Monitoring Studio X

The Best Monitoring Studio ever

  • A modern and responsive user interface
  • A unique interface for configuration and maintenance
  • Monitoring data (metrics and events) at your fingertips

Monitoring Studio X Dev Blog

    A new user experience

    A Modern and Responsive UI

    Developed with the most popular front-end and back-end technologies, Monitoring Studio X is a modern and responsive user interface which provides a unique user experience.

    A Unified Configuration Interface

    Managing Monitoring Studio and the PATROL Agent is easier than ever before with the introduction of a unified configuration interface that consolidates all configuration tools (PATROL Agent configuration, Monitoring Studio set-up, TrueSight integration, etc.) in one place. Configuration is now easy and straightforward.

    An Integrated Troubleshooting Tool

    Because an advanced integrated troubleshooting tool increases efficiency and drastically reduces resolution times, Monitoring Studio X comes with numerous features (PATROL Agent error log, debug mode, PSL Process List, etc.) to assist you in your troubleshooting tasks.

    Native Integration with BMC Platforms

    Monitoring Studio X natively integrates with TrueSight Operations Management, TrueSight Pulse, and TrueSight Intelligence. Thanks to the extensible and modular nature of Monitoring Studio X, other integrations can be easily implemented.

    Beta Versions

    Monitoring Studio X - Beta 3

    Packages - Beta 3

    What's new - Installation on Windows sla24,4MB
    monitoring-studio-10.0.00-beta3-thorium.tar - Installation on UNIX/Linux sla24,8MB

    Note: Both Windows and UNIX packages contain the setup files for all BMC Software PATROL components (PATROL Agent, PATROL Classic Console, PATROL Central and Console Server).


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    Additional Files

    Java Runtime Environment - JRE 1.8.1_71 for Windows sla134,3MB
    jre_LINUX-SOLARIS_180171.tar - JRE 1.8.1_71 for Linux Solaris sla261,1MB

    Download the package above if you wish to install a Java Runtime Environment along with the KM.

    BMC Software Installation Utility - Installation Utility for Windows sla22,4MB
    ins_ALL_11300.tar - Installation Utility for UNIX/Linux sla220,2MB

    The Monitoring Studio X is delivered as any standard BMC Software product. The installation is based on the BMC Software "Installation Utility" that you need to download in order to install the Monitoring Studio X. Please review the Monitoring Studio X Installation Guide for the setup instructions.

    Architecture and Integration

    Monitoring Studio X fully integrates with BMC TrueSight Operations Management.