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Monitoring Studio X

The Best Monitoring Studio ever

  • A modern and responsive user interface
  • A unique interface for configuration and maintenance
  • Monitoring data (metrics and events) at your fingertips
Beta Version

Monitoring Studio X Dev Blog

    A new user experience

    A Modern and Responsive UI

    Developed with the most popular front-end and back-end technologies, Monitoring Studio X is a modern and responsive user interface which provides a unique user experience.

    A Unified Configuration Interface

    Managing Monitoring Studio and the PATROL Agent is easier than ever before with the introduction of a unified configuration interface that consolidates all configuration tools (PATROL Agent configuration, Monitoring Studio set-up, TrueSight integration, etc.) in one place. Configuration is now easy and straightforward.

    An Integrated Troubleshooting Tool

    Because an advanced integrated troubleshooting tool increases efficiency and drastically reduces resolution times, Monitoring Studio X comes with numerous features (PATROL Agent error log, debug mode, PSL Process List, etc.) to assist you in your troubleshooting tasks.

    Native Integration with BMC Platforms

    Monitoring Studio X natively integrates with TrueSight Operations Management, TrueSight Pulse, and TrueSight Intelligence. Thanks to the extensible and modular nature of Monitoring Studio X, other integrations can be easily implemented.

    Beta Version

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