Green IT

Go Greener with Hardware Sentry KM!


The Hardware Sentry KM’s Component for TrueSight Presentation Server includes a Green IT extension. This software-only solution leverages the metrics collected by the Hardware Sentry KM to provide a clear view of the power consumption of hardware in your data center, current and projected annual electricity costs and carbon emissions for your devices, applications, and business services.

  • Built on existing TrueSight interface and devices grouping mechanisms
  • Automated installation with the TSPS Component for TrueSight
  • Consolidated views of consumption, thermal indicators, electricity costs and carbon footprint levels
Green IT

CO₂ Analytics with TrueSight: Reducing Your DataCenter Carbon Footprint

Watch the Green IT video (3'48) to discover the dedicated views and reports that can help you efficiently monitor and manage the amount of energy required for operating your datacenter and help you take the green path.

Green IT

Main Features

Measure your Power Consumption

  • Visualize your energy consumption in real-time using intuitive dashboards, reports, and charts
  • Get an estimation of your facility’s carbon emission level
  • View by datacenter, application, or service by using TrueSight’s exiting grouping mechanisms

Act to Better Control Energy Usage and Costs

  • Reduce energy consumption and costs based on detailed views of current and projected electricity usage
  • Analyze electricity consumption peaks, trends, and patterns
  • Share energy usage reports with your organization stakeholders
  • Prioritize decommissioning of energy inefficient systems

Save Money and Reduce your Carbon Footprint

  • Optimize your datacenter overall temperature safely, reduce cooling costs to save on your electricity bill
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by maintaining your CO₂ emissions to the lowest
  • Eliminate extra expenses associated with the implementation of costly external thermal sensors and software
Download the Hardware Sentry's TSPS Component (Green IT extension included)