Hardware Monitoring

Hardware Monitoring

Take the monitoring of your IT infrastructure to the next level of excellence.


Hardware Monitoring provides powerful resources to monitor multi-vendor hardware servers. In large and heterogeneous environments, the solution detects the hardware components of almost all types of devices – physical, virtual and blade servers, SAN switches, tape libraries, and so on. Valuable health-related metrics, power consumption, electricity costs and CO₂ emissions data are automatically integrated to your BMC framework and OpenTelemetry-compatible platforms to help you rapidly detect and resolve IT problems before they impact critical systems.

Get All You Need in a Comprehensive and <span>Centralized Dashboard</span>

Get All You Need in a Comprehensive and Centralized Dashboard

  • Vendor agnostic inventory and unmatched visibility on hardware, virtualization, and storage systems
  • Hardware failures and poor performance detection in a unified real-time and Web-based monitoring dashboard
  • Hardware and health performance metrics in any OpenTelemetry-compatible platform
  • Power consumption, electricity costs and CO₂ emissions reports and trends

Leverage a Powerful and Easy-to-use Monitoring Solution

  • Deployment effort reduced to a minimum
  • Instant visibility of the status of critical indicators
  • Reliable thresholds-based notifications
  • Full range of high-performance monitoring features
Leverage a <span>Powerful and Easy-to-use</span> Monitoring Solution
Be <span>the First</span> to Know

Be the First to Know

  • Early hardware failures and performance problems detection
  • Baseline value definitions for every critical hardware components
  • Constant in-depth visibility into usage of server resources
  • Effective reports on performance and power consumption

Make Better and Faster Decision

  • Consolidated graphs and reports for a better end-to-end visibility
  • Useful recommendations for faster technical problem resolution
  • Detailed information about faulty components to facilitate replacement
Make <span>Better</span> and <span>Faster</span> Decision
Hardware Monitoring

Key Benefits


Discover all of the internal components of servers, disk arrays, fiber switches and tape libraries.


Monitor the hardware of your heterogeneous infrastructure into one single console.


Get detailed information about each monitored component (vendor, model, serial number, part number, FRU number, location in the chassis, etc.).


Generate reports to know the capacity of the monitored system or the actual power consumption, electricity costs and CO₂ emissions for all servers and storage devices.

Sustainable IT

Visualize, in real-time, your power consumption, thermal indicators, electricity costs and carbon footprint levels

Hardware Monitoring

Monitored Components

Critical Devices

  • Processors
  • Memory Modules
  • Network Ports


  • Controllers
  • Physical Disks
  • Logical Disks
  • LUNs


  • Temperature Sensors
  • Fans
  • Power Supplies
  • Voltage Sensors
  • LEDs
Hardware Monitoring

Supported Platforms

Our Hardware Monitoring solution supports the following vendors running the major Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, VMware, Solaris, etc.)
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