Maintenance Policy

Levels of Services, Customer Cases Priority Classification, Software License Agreement.

End User Software License Agreement

Before using or purchasing our products, please read our Software License Agreement. Read the sla

Levels of Services

Depending on the SLA that applies to the license you purchased, you are entitled to different levels of maintenance and support services.


During your trial period (which is typically 30 days), you have full access to our Support team to ask any question regarding the installation or use of our products. However, neither response time nor patch release delay can be guaranteed.


You purchased our products under the Sentry Software SLA. The maintenance and support policies that apply to you are described in the End User Software License Agreement section below. This is the default option, even if you purchased our products from a reseller.


You purchased from BMC Software a user license for a Sentry product. This license is therefore governed by BMC's Software License Agreement. The maintenance and support policies that apply to you are the ones offered by BMC Software. To obtain assistance with our products, you can either contact BMC Software technical supportor contact our own support team directly.


You purchased our products directly from us, from BMC Software, or from another reseller, and you signed a specific license and maintenance agreement. Any written agreement between you and Sentry Software, BMC Software or another reseller supersedes the SLA and maintenance services described in the End User Software License Agreement section below.

Case and Priority Classification

Customer cases are classified in several priority categories according to their severity. Besides the Sentry Software SLA, we are committed to respond to your requests within the time frames described below.
  Response Time Frame Workaround Time Frame Bug Fix Frame Rate


You are requesting some additional information about our products that is not available either on our Web site or in the product documentation.

48 hours


You are asking a detailed question about a feature or platform support for one of our products.

Same day

Enhancement request

You are requesting a new feature to be integrated into one of our products.

1 week

Minor problem

You are reporting a problem with a Sentry product that does not affect its main features.

8 hours 48 hours

Major problem

You have encountered a problem with a Sentry product that prevents its main features from working. The product cannot be used as described in its documentation.

4 hours 24 hours 1 week

Critical problem

A problem with a Sentry product prevents the computer it is running on from doing its main tasks. To be classified as critical, the problem has to directly impact your business.

2 hours 2 hours 48 hours

To register a case, you are invited to use BMC's Cases and Defect Management .