Storage Capacity Optimization

Storage Capacity Optimization

Make more with less.


Storage Capacity Optimization by Sentry Software brings storage capacity metrics into BMC TrueSight/Helix Continuous Optimization to ensure your storage infrastructure is properly sized for your current and future needs. Marketed as connectors for BMC TrueSight/Helix CO, the Sentry Software's modules provide capacity information for all the storage systems, all the storage pools, all the volumes, and all the hosts available in your environment.

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Reduce Storage Costs with Sentry Software and BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

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Optimize <span>Storage Asset Utilization</span>

Optimize Storage Asset Utilization

  • Powerful analytic and optimization of storage capacity across heterogeneous storage resources
  • Valuable insight into storage consumption and capacity
  • In-depth visibility of current and future capacity needs
  • Storage space reclaiming capabilities and simplified storage usage analysis

Reduce Storage Costs and Avoid Useless Investments

  • Easy and quick identification of potential risks of capacity shortage
  • Tracking and reporting of actual IT resources costs to business owners
  • Full control on storage infrastructure expenses to stay within budget
  • Informed purchasing decisions based on business impact
<span>Reduce Storage Costs</span> and Avoid Useless Investments
<span>Improve Service Quality</span> and Performance

Improve Service Quality and Performance

  • Reliable forecasting, modeling, and adjusting of IT resources to meet changing service demands
  • Analytical processes to uncover problematic trends and chronic service interruptions
  • Effective management of over-subscription and thin provisioning
  • Valuable storage trending and modeling tools
Storage Capacity Optimization

Key Benefits

Improve service quality

Deliver optimal storage performance.

Optimize asset utilization

Support business unit goals with minimum risk.

Avoid useless investments

Make informed purchasing decisions based on business impact.

Reduce IT cost

Control storage infrastructure expenses and stay within budget

Storage Capacity Optimization

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Storage Capacity Optimization

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Storage Capacity Optimization

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Storage Capacity Optimization

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