High-Availability Monitoring

High-Availability Monitoring

Keep your data secure and available at all times.


High-Availability Monitoring by Sentry Software monitors all the key aspects of your Veritas environment (Veritas Cluster Server, Veritas File System, and Veritas Volume Manager) to anticipate key system, cluster, or other resource failures and avoid costly downtimes. The solution ensures problems are anticipated or dealt with quickly.

<span>Extensive supervision</span> of your entire Veritas environment

Extensive supervision of your entire Veritas environment

  • End-to-end monitoring of Veritas Cluster Server, Veritas File System, and Veritas Volume Manager
  • Automatic discovery of complex Veritas configurations
  • Effective monitoring of a large number of resources (files, logs, libraries, volumes, etc.)

Anticipate disruptions and prevent service outage

  • Resources supervision to guarantee flawless high-availability systems
  • Potential disruptive failures detection
  • Notifications upon suspicious or critical circumstances
  • Analytics-driven performance management to find and resolve availability and performance issues
<span>Anticipate</span> disruptions and <span>prevent</span> service outage
Maintain <span>data integrity</span> at all times

Maintain data integrity at all times

  • In-depth IT infrastructure supervision to maintain data integrity at all times
  • Extended insight of all Veritas systems
  • Powerful resource failures anticipation features
  • Constant monitoring of the status of all Veritas resources
High-Availability Monitoring

Key Benefits

Anticipate disruptions

Detect potential disruptive key system, cluster, or other resource failures.

Increase uptime

Ensure the Veritas infrastructure is fully operational and the high-availability systems are flawless.

Enhance productivity

Discover complex Veritas configurations and centralize server management in the TrueSight OM environment.

Reduce IT costs

Reduce IT costs by simplifying and centralizing the management of your Veritas environment.

High-Availability Monitoring

Monitored Components

Veritas Cluster Server

  • Agents
  • Daemons
  • Heartbeats
  • LLT & GAB
  • Logs
  • Resources & Service Groups
  • Systems

Veritas File System

  • Blocks
  • File systems
  • Logs
  • Quotas

Veritas Volume Manager

  • Disk devices, groups, and paths
  • Logs
  • Plexes
  • Replication Links
  • Replicated volumes groups
  • Volumes
High-Availability Monitoring

Supported Platforms

High-Availability Applications

  • Veritas File System v4+
  • Veritas Volume Manager v4+
  • Veritas Cluster Server v4+

Operating Systems

  • HP-UX
  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris
  • Windows

BMC Platforms

  • PATROL Agent v3.7 or later
  • PATROL Classic Console and PATROL7
  • BMC Portal v2.5 or later (via PATROL Agent integration)
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management v9.5.00
  • BMC TrueSight Operations Management
High-Availability Monitoring

At a glance

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