P1029 - MS_HW_SunAlom.hdf

Jun 25, 2007
Patch for Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL - Version(s) 1.4.00

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Patch content

Updated Hardware Sentry connector for Sun ALOM cards (out-of-band) -- REPLACES P1027 PATCH

Should you install this patch?

Use this add-on patch if you wish to monitor Sun SPARC servers through their ALOM card or if you used the P1027 patch and got a recurring error message in the System Output Window.

What does it fix?

This patch adds support for the Sun ALOM card. It allows you to monitor a Sun SPARC server remotely (out-of-band) through its management card. Such systems include the Sun Fire T1000, T2000, V210, V240, V440, etc. This connector provides monitoring of the environment (temperatures, fans, voltages, power supplies and currents as well as the internal hard disks). It also fixes a bug in the previously published P1027 patch where an error message was shown every 2 minutes in the System Output Window.

How to install the patch?

Install the MS_HW_SunAlom.hdf file in the $PATROL_HOME/lib/MS_HW_hdf directory of the managed server. Re-initialize Hardware Sentry for the patch to take effect. Nothing needs to be installed on Console systems.

From the PATROL Console, [right-click] on the main Hardware Sentry icon > [KM Commands] > [Add Another System to Monitor...]. In the wizard, specify the IP address of the ALOM card. The ALOM card must operate on the network and respond to telnet requests. A read-only user account is sufficient for Hardware Sentry to gather the hardware information from the ALOM card.