Release Notes

This page lists the new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes in each version of HP 3PAR.

HP 3PAR KM for PATROL 1.2.02

1 Changes - Released 2020-12-21

Fixed Issues

ID Description
SENHP3P-1131 Fixed link issues in the user documentation

HP 3PAR KM for PATROL 1.2.00

7 Changes - Released 2018-02-13

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
SENHP3P-1108 Link speed is now available for Ethernet ports
SENHP3P-1093 New KM command "Refresh Parameters" Available from the Storage System Icon
SENHP3P-1084 MetaEntityType added to SEN_HP3P_STORAGESYSTEM
SENHP3P-974 IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name) handled for host mappings
SENHP3P-784 New configuration variable (automaticReinitialization) available to trigger a re-initialization of the KM

Fixed Issues

ID Description
SENHP3P-975 Duration parameters (Read/Write Response Time) are not properly converted
SENHP3P-951 VolumeCount parameter (SEN_HP3P_STORAGE_POOL) was not correct in case of tiering
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