Monitors and Attributes Reference

This page lists the application classes of HP 3PAR KM for PATROL 1.2.02. Each page provides you with the details on the various monitors (classes) and their attributes (parameters), Infoboxes, and Menu Commands.

You can also download the full list of parameters of HP 3PAR KM for PATROL 1.2.02 as a CSV file, with the same format as BMC's Parameters Reference Database (login required).
Download: SEN_HP3P_prd.csv

Monitor Name PATROL Class Description
HP 3PAR Battery SEN_HP3P_BATTERY Monitors a specific battery.
HP 3PAR Batteries Container SEN_HP3P_BATTERY_CONT Groups all batteries.
HP 3PAR Cage SEN_HP3P_CAGE Monitors a specific cage.
HP 3PAR Cages SEN_HP3P_CAGE_CONT Groups all cages.
HP 3PAR Ethernet Port SEN_HP3P_ETHERNETPORT Monitors a specific Ethernet port.
HP 3PAR Fan SEN_HP3P_FAN Monitors a specific fan.
HP 3PAR Fans SEN_HP3P_FAN_CONT Groups all fans.
HP 3PAR FC Port SEN_HP3P_FCPORT Monitors a specific FC port.
HP 3PAR Internal Disks SEN_HP3P_IDE_DISK Monitors a specific internal disk.
HP 3PAR Internal Disks SEN_HP3P_IDE_DISK_CONT Groups all internal disks.
HP 3PAR Interface Card SEN_HP3P_INTERFACE_CARD Monitors a specific interface card.
HP 3PAR Interface Cards SEN_HP3P_INTERFACE_CARD_CONT Groups all interface cards.
HP 3PAR Magazine SEN_HP3P_MAGAZINE Monitors a specific magazine.
HP 3PAR Magazines SEN_HP3P_MAGAZINE_CONT Groups all magazines.
HP 3PAR KM SEN_HP3P_MAIN Monitors the hardware health and performance of HP 3PAR storage systems.
HP 3PAR Memory SEN_HP3P_MEMORY Monitors a specific controller node memory card.
HP 3PAR Memories Container SEN_HP3P_MEMORY_CONT Groups all controller node memory cards.
HP 3PAR Node SEN_HP3P_NODE Monitors a specific node.
HP 3PAR Nodes SEN_HP3P_NODE_CONT Groups all nodes.
HP 3PAR Physical Disk SEN_HP3P_PHYSICALDISK Monitors a specific physical disk.
HP 3PAR Physical Disks SEN_HP3P_PHYSICALDISK_CONT Groups all physical disks.
HP 3PAR Ports SEN_HP3P_PORT_CONT Groups all ports.
HP 3PAR Power Supply SEN_HP3P_POWERSUPPLY Monitors a specific power supply.
HP 3PAR Power Supplies SEN_HP3P_POWERSUPPLY_CONT Groups all power supplies.
HP 3PAR Processor SEN_HP3P_PROCESSOR Monitors a specific processor.
HP 3PAR Processors Container SEN_HP3P_PROCESSOR_CONT Groups all processors.
HP 3PAR SAS Port SEN_HP3P_SASPORT Monitors a specific SAS port.
HP 3PAR Pool SEN_HP3P_STORAGE_POOL Monitors a specific storage pool.
HP 3PAR Pools Container SEN_HP3P_STORAGE_POOL_CONT Groups all storage pools.
HP 3PAR Storage System SEN_HP3P_STORAGESYSTEM Monitors HP 3PAR storage systems.
HP 3PAR Temperatures SEN_HP3P_TEMPERATURE_CONT Groups all SFP sensors.
HP 3PAR Temperature Disk SEN_HP3P_TEMPERATURE_DISK Monitors a specific disk temperature sensor.
HP 3PAR Temperature Port SEN_HP3P_TEMPERATURE_PORT Monitors a specific SFP sensor.
HP 3PAR Voltage SEN_HP3P_VOLTAGE Monitors a specific port voltage sensor.
HP 3PAR Voltages SEN_HP3P_VOLTAGE_CONT Groups all port voltage sensors.
HP 3PAR Volume SEN_HP3P_VOLUME Monitors a specific volume.
HP 3PAR Volumes Container SEN_HP3P_VOLUME_CONT Groups all volumes.
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