Uninstalling HP 3PAR KM for PATROL

To uninstall HP 3PAR KM for PATROL:

  1. Extract the setup files:

    • On Windows:

      1. Unzip the BMC Installation Utility: ins_Windows_<version>.zip.
      2. Unzip the hp-3par-<version>-thorium.zip package in the same folder.
    • On Linux:

      1. Untar the BMC Installation Utility: tar xvf ins_ALL_<version>.tar.
      2. Untar the hp-3par-<version>-thorium.tar package in the same folder.
  2. Browse to the bmc_products folder where the files have been extracted.

  3. Launch the uninstall.exe program (Windows) or the uninstall.sh script (UNIX).

  4. The welcome screen appears. Click Next to continue.

    Wizard — Welcome Step

  5. Specify the BMC Software Products folder.

    Uninstall Wizard — Specifying folder

  6. To uninstall the KM, select HP 3PAR KM for PATROL.

    Uninstall Wizard — Selecting Products and Components Directory

  7. Click Start Uninstall to run the uninstall program.

    Uninstall Wizard — Reviewing Selected Products & Components and Start Uninstalling

  8. A page displays the list of products/components processed and the percentage of completion. Click Next to continue.

    Uninstall Wizard — Status

  9. A page displaying SUCCESS indicates that HP 3PAR KM for PATROL is now uninstalled.

    Uninstall Wizard — Uninstall Results

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