Troubleshooting HP 3PAR KM for PATROL

This section describes the issues you may encounter while using HP 3PAR KM for PATROL and notably:

  • The KM stops working after a certain time
  • All the KM configuration menus are disabled
  • The KM is unable to detect the status of a monitored device.

It also describes the operations the Support Team may ask you to perform to identify the source of the problem:

  • Testing the connection to HP 3PAR embedded SMI-S provider
  • Enabling the debug mode

Possible Issues

The KM Stops Working After a Certain Time

When the KM stops working properly or starts behaving in an unexpected manner (displays components as missing that you know are present, does not detect components as it should, stops collecting regularly, etc.), it is recommended to reinitialize the configuration and let the KM re-start monitoring from scratch.

A backup of the PATROL Agent configuration is always performed and saved in the $PATROL_HOME/config directory before a reinitialization of the KM.

To reinitialize the KM:

  1. In the PATROL Console, right-click the KM main icon > KM Commands > Reinitialize KM…

    Reinitializing the KM

  2. Select the options as per your specific needs:

    Alert thresholds and actions

    • Remove manually customized alert thresholds and polling intervals: Selection removes all customized thresholds and polling intervals.

    • Reset the threshold mechanism to default: Selection makes the KM revert to the default mode i.e. the mechanism best suited to the system.

    • Reset Alert Actions: Selection removes all manually set Alert Actions and reverts to basic default actions i.e. Trigger a PATROL event and Annotate a parameter graph.

    Misc. options

    • Deactivate the debug mode: Selection deactivates the debug mode if manually enabled.

    • Restore and resume paused/removed objects: Selection restores all paused or removed objects.

    • Remove Java Settings: Selection removes the custom Java settings (path and credentials). The KM will try to automatically find a suitable JRE.

    Internal KM engine options (only appears when configurations have been manually set in the PATROL Agent)

    Save reinitialize settings

    • Save reinitialize settings: Selection saves the defined settings that will then be considered as default.
  3. Click Reinitialize…

All the KM Configuration Menus Are Disabled

HP 3PAR KM for PATROL can either be used with BMC PATROL (Classic Mode) or BMC TrueSight Operations Management (CMA Mode). When the KM is used with BMC TrueSight Operations Management, all the KM configuration menus (except Reporting KM commands) are disabled in the PATROL Consoles and an error is displayed when selecting a KM command.

Error Message for Disabled KM Configuration Menus

The KM main instance may not be displayed in the PCO/Classic console, even though the .kml file has been preloaded in /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs.

To enable the KM Configuration Menus, you need to force the KM to run in Classic Mode by using one of the procedures below.

This action cannot be undone. Once the KM configuration menus are enabled in BMC PATROL, the KM can no longer be configured through “Central Administration”.

Method 1: Using pconfig or Equivalent

  1. Run wpconfig.exe.
  2. Click inline to get the configuration of your PATROL Agent.
  3. Double-click the /SENTRY/SEN_HP3P directory to display the list of variables.
  4. Create the forceClassicConfigMode variable, set its value to 1 and click OK.
  5. Click inline to save your changes.
  6. Restart the PATROL Agent.

Method 2: Using the PATROL Console (Classic)

  1. In the PATROL Console, right-click the KM main icon > KM Commands > Reinitialize KM…
  2. Check the box Force the KM to run in Classic Mode.
  3. Click Reinitialize.

Method 3: Using the Agent Query in TrueSight Presentation Server

  1. Log on to the TrueSight Console.
  2. From the navigation pane, select Administration > Managed Devices.
  3. Locate the managed device on which HP 3PAR KM for PATROL is installed, click its action button inline and select Query PATROL Agent. The Agent Query Tool opens in a new browser window.
  4. In the Command box, enter the following query:

    requires SEN_HP3P_utils; reinitialize(useDefault, resetDebugMode, resetThresholds, resetThresholdManagementMode,resetRemovedPausedObjectList, resetAlertActions, resetJavaSettings, resetAdvancedVariableList);

    and set the arguments as follows:

    • useDefault: Set to ‘1’ to use the reinitialize default settings (resetThresholds and resetRemovedPausedObjectList). Set to ‘0’ or leave empty to provide the required arguments.
    • resetDebugMode: Set to ‘1’ to disable the debug mode.
    • resetThresholds: Set to ‘1’ to delete all product thresholds and collect intervals from the configuration. Thresholds will be set during the discovery.
    • resetThresholdManagementMode: Set to ‘1’ to reset the threshold mechanism to default.
    • resetRemovedPausedObjectList: Set to ‘1’ to remove the list of paused and deleted objects.
    • resetAlertActions: Set to ‘1’ to remove the configured alert actions and only keep the default ones (Trigger a PATROL Event and Annotate the parameter’s graph).
    • resetJavaSettings: Set to ‘1’ to reset the Collection Hub settings. An automatic detection of Java will be performed.
    • resetAdvancedVariableList: List of variables, delimited by a carriage return, that should be deleted from the configuration.
  5. Click Execute.

The KM is Unable to Detect a Device Status

At times, although rare, HP 3PAR KM for PATROL is unable to detect the status of a monitored device, and returns the poll with “Unknown Status”.

When this situation occurs, you can configure the KM to perform certain actions:

  • Trigger a WARNING on the Status parameter (default)
  • Set the Status parameter to OK
  • Trigger an ALARM on the Status parameter

To access this feature, right-click the KM main icon > KM Commands > KM Settings > Additional Settings > Unknown Status Management:

Managing  Unknown Status

Providing the Necessary Information to Sentry Support

When the product is not working as expected, you may want to contact Sentry Support for help.

You may contact Sentry Support in different ways:

You will need to provide your BMC Customer Support ID.

You will be asked to provide detailed information about the problem you are facing with the product. Depending on the case, you will need to send the result of the troubleshooting tool and the content of the debug output of the KM, as described below.

Testing the Connection to the HP 3PAR embedded SMI-S provider

HP 3PAR KM for PATROL leverages the HP 3PAR embedded SMI-S provider to collect hardware and performance information. Because some connectivity issues may exist and cause HP 3PAR KM for PATROL to fail, it is highly recommended to test the connection to the HP 3PAR embedded SMI-S provider before contacting the Sentry Support Team.

  1. Download the connection tool required from Sentry’s Website on the machine where the PATROL agent is installed to ensure that the network traffic is allowed from the PATROL agent machine to HP 3PAR embedded SMI-S provider. Please note that the connection tool requires Java v1.6 or higher.

  2. Run the command java -jar <TroubleShootingToolName.jar> to launch the connection tool.

    Running the Troubleshooting Tool

  3. Enter the information required to connect to the system.

    Entering the Information Required

  4. Click Test Connection.

  5. Wait for the test to complete. If a connectivity issue is detected, an error message will appear.

    Viewing the Test Results

    In this case, the issue encountered has nothing to do with HP 3PAR KM for PATROL. Check your configuration to diagnose the source of the issue.

  6. Click Save As to export the connection test results into a txt file. You can then send this information to the Sentry Support Team.

Enabling the Debug Mode

By default, HP 3PAR KM for PATROL sends only the most critical information, warning and error messages to the System Output Window of the PATROL Consoles. Most often, this information is accurate enough to ensure that HP 3PAR KM for PATROL is working properly.

The debug file includes all System Output Window messages.

If you encounter an issue and wish to report it to Sentry Software, you will be asked to enable the Debug Mode and provide the debug output to the Sentry Software support team.

To enable the debug mode:

  1. Right-click the main KM main icon > KM Commands > KM Settings > Debug…

    Enabling the Debug Mode

  2. Check the Enable Debug Mode option

  3. Indicate the date and time at which the system must stop logging debug information. The required format is: YYYY/mm/dd HH:MM:SS
  4. Check the Reinitialize HP 3PAR KM option (optional).
  5. Click OK. The debug files will automatically be saved in $PATROL_HOME/log
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