Third-Party KM Extensions

This section is targeted at PATROL KM developers, with a good knowledge of the PATROL Scripting Language (PSL) and how a KM runs on a PATROL Agent.

Monitoring Studio X offers a Console feature that displays the instances and parameters of all KMs running on the PATROL Agent.

For each third-party KM displayed in the Console, operators can perform basic operations such as refreshing parameters and forcing discovery. If you wish to perform other operations, typically those that were available in the former PATROL Classic Console through KM Commands, you will need to update the third-party KM to declare extensions to the Monitoring Studio X Web interface. You can for example:

  • specify the icons to be used for the KM instances
  • customize the online help links
  • modify the behavior of the action buttons
  • perform advanced configuration and create report pages.

This section explains how to declare such extensions.

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