Configuring Monitoring Studio

Alert Messages

The settings of alert notification delivery options and default messages apply to all the Monitors running on the Agent. Refer to the Alert Messages and Actions section for detailed information.

KM Engine

You can configure and fine tune some global settings that will determine Monitoring Studio X default behavior. These properties will apply to any component monitored by the Agent when relevant.

General Settings

Property Description
Current Configuration Mode Indicates the mode in which Monitoring Studio X currently operates.

Monitoring Studio X can either be managed from the Monitoring Studio X Web interface (Classic) or BMC TrueSight Operations Management (TrueSight CMA).
Force Classic Configuration Mode Forces the configuration mode to the Monitoring Studio X Web Interface mode (Classic) and prevents the solution from applying any Monitoring Studio X configuration received from BMC TrueSight Central Monitoring Administration (CMA).
Automatically Clear Alerts on Collection Error Count After The Collection Error Count parameter reports runtime problems encountered by the solution. Such problems, should they occur, are expected to happen repeatedly. For example: the solution is unable to find a suitable Java JRE, or SNMP is disabled on the local Agent and a Template is trying to perform SNMP v1 queries, etc. By clearing alerts after a certain time without errors, you only keep alerts related to permanent problems.
Place Hosts Under the Monitoring Studio X Main Icon Organizes the list of hosts in the treeview of the Monitoring Studio X Web interface Console menu:

  • Turn ON to list the hosts (<display Name> or <Host Name>) under the Monitoring Studio X icon.
  • Turn OFF to list the hosts (<display Name> or <Host Name>) under the PATROL Agent icon.
  • Tuning Settings

    Property Description
    “Discovery” Interval The frequency at which configuration variables are read and applied. Default is 60 minutes.

    Note: Updating the configuration through CMA or the Web Interface automatically executes a discovery.
    Maximum Number of “Discovery” Threads The maximum number of discovery threads allowed per Host. Default is 50 threads.
    Maximum Number of Concurrent WMI Queries The maximum number of concurrent WMI queries allowed. Default is 25 processes.
    Maximum Number of Concurrent SSH Sessions per Host The maximum number of concurrent SSH connections allowed per Host. Default is 10 connections.
    Maximum Size of Text Parameters The maximum size (in bytes) of text parameters. Default is 1048576 bytes (1 MB).
    Maximum In-memory Buffer Size The maximum size (in bytes) of data stored in the PATROL namespace (memory) for one Monitor collection result. Default is 10000000 bytes. (Oversize output will be stored in a temporary file).

    HTTP Proxy Settings

    You need to enable the HTTP PROXY FOR HTTP REQUEST MONITORS property to access the HTTP Proxy settings. Once configured click on TEST to verify the settings.

    Property Description
    Hostname or IP Address The hostname or IP address of the proxy server used to connect to the Monitoring Studio X Web Interface.
    Port The port number used to access the proxy server. Default is 3128.
    Username The username used for proxy authentication.
    Password The password used for proxy authentication.

    Main Parameters and Alerts

    You can enable or disable the parameters attached to the main Monitoring Studio X instance to report the status and activity of the KM. Simply turn ON any parameter and set its level of alert and associated default message (refer to Alert Messages and Actions for additional information). Values for turned OFF parameters are not collected.

    Parameter Description
    Collection Error Count Number of errors that prevent Monitoring Studio X from operating properly. This parameter is cumulative, new errors increase the value of the parameter.
    Debug Status Indicates whether the debug mode is enabled or not. Refer to Enabling the Debug Mode for additional information.
    Discovery Status Indicates if the global discovery is currently running.
    Discovery Time Time taken to execute the global discovery.
    Host Count Total number of Hosts managed by Monitoring Studio X.
    Monitor Count Total number of Monitors managed by Monitoring Studio X.

    Download .CFG

    You can export Monitoring Studio X global settings as a pconfig file (.CFG) that can be imported into a TrueSight CMA policy. All the Agents using the policy will therefore share the same Monitoring Studio Global Settings. Refer to Config Hacker for additional information.

    Reset to Factory Settings

    You can reset Monitoring Studio X global settings back to the default settings by clicking on Reset to Factory Settings. This will reset all Monitoring Studio X global settings, including Monitoring Studio X Java and HTTP settings. Templates, Monitors and Hosts will however not be deleted.

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