TrueSight CMA Policies

You can download a Monitoring Studio X Template and all its Monitors as a configuration file and import it into a TrueSight CMA policy, as summarized in the below diagram:

Monitoring Studio X with TrueSight CMA Workflow

Typical Steps

  1. Create a Template from Studio > Template and provide the required information as detailed in Creating a Template.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Download button (proxmoxperf.cfg in this example), to export the Template, its Monitors and properties as a configuration file.

    Download a Template

  3. Import the Template into a CMA Policy:

    • From the CMA console, create a policy that will be deployed on the PATROL Agents that share the same criteria (tag, hostname, IP address, etc.).
    • In the Configuration Variables tab, click the action button inline and select Import
    • Locate and select the Monitoring Studio X Template (proxmoxperf.cfg in this example) you wish to import into the policy
    • Verify the configuration values and change them if required.
    • In the Monitoring tab, click Add Monitoring Configuration and select Monitoring Studio X. The Version, Monitor Profile and Monitor Type are provided by default and can be modified if required
    • Configure the Host (Display Name, Internal ID, System Type, System Credentials, SNMP Properties, Availability Check Settings, etc.)
    • Scroll down to the Templates section to add an associated template. Provide the Internal ID of the Template (proxmoxperf in this example). Provide the specific credentials and macros for the Template, if any, and set the Database properties that will be used by all the monitors of the Template. Finally, if Monitoring Studio X is configured to go through a proxy for processing Web Requests, you can choose to bypass the proxy. This can be useful when the resource is located on the internal network and the proxy refuses to serve it
    • Save the policy. The Template and all its properties are imported to the policy and ready to use.
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