Frequently Asked Questions

Are specific access rights required to view the PATROL parameters in Prometheus?

The exported data is available in read-only mode at https://<hostname>:<port>/metrics, using the Monitoring Studio X hostname and port. No authentication is therefore required.

Polling the /metrics URL returns that the PATROL scraper is down. Why?

This message is returned when the Monitoring Studio X Prometheus exporter is disabled. To fix this issue, go to Agent > Prometheus Exporter and enable the option.

Too many PATROL parameters appear in /metrics. How can I prevent specific parameters from being scraped?

To prevent PATROL parameters from being scraped:

  1. Open the X_patrol2prometheus.csv file stored in %PATROL_HOME%\lib or $PATROL_HOME/lib
  2. Add a line containing the class and parameter for each parameter that should not be scraped

    Example: MS_HW_LOGICALDISK,UnallocatedSpace

Any parameter that does not have all fields properly populated will be skipped by the Monitoring Studio X exporter when gathering data.

Some PATROL parameters are expressed in base units in Prometheus and others are not. Why?

Monitoring Studio X automatically converts the parameters units of the following KMs to base units:

  • Sentry Software’s KMs:

    • Hardware Sentry
    • HP Data Protector
    • Monitoring Studio X
    • Storage Analyzer
    • Veritas Cluster Server
    • Veritas NetBackup
    • Veritas Volume Manager
  • BMC Software’s KMs:

    • BMC PATROL for AIX
    • PATROL for Linux
    • PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers
    • PATROL for Solaris
    • PATROL for UNIX and Linux

To convert other KMs parameters units to base units, you need to update the X_patrol2prometheus.csv file stored in $PATROL_HOME/lib. Refer to Converting KMs Parameters Metrics as Base Units for more details.

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